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Ray of Hope - 126th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Results: Rounds of invitations
    Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system – September 4, 2019

    No program specified

    See full text of Ministerial Instruction

    Number of invitations issued

    Rank required to be invited to apply
    : 3,600th or above

    Date and time of round:
    September 4, 2019 at 13:36:34 UTC

    CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
    : 463

    Tie-breaking rule
    : August 23, 2019 at 13:33:34 UTC

    Its strange to see the cut-off boosted back in early 460s, even after a back-to-back draw. Anyways, many congratulations to the ITA receivers.:)
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  2. 463!!! Oh no........
  3. Hi everyone ~ nice to see you all again
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    CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of August 30, 2019
    CRS score range Number of candidates
    601-1,200 395
    451-600 6,826
    401-450 39,701

    441-450 8,381
    431-440 10,089
    421-430 6,506
    411-420 6,947
    401-410 7,778
    351-400 43,508
    391-400 7,641
    381-390 9,353
    371-380 9,064
    361-370 8,961
    351-360 8,489
    301-350 24,949
    0-300 3,663
    Total 119,042
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  5. where is everyone who bashing me before?

    b2b draw + biweekly draw bring the score from 457 to 463 and no ITA increase in September draw

    told you CIC is trying to maintain at least 460, summer is gone now ~ let's #facethereality
  6. And I hate to be bearer of bad news.... we should expect FST draw next or after. The two previous draws gave just false hopes!
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  7. I wish i can disappear and CIC shut me up too,,,but think I gotta stay very long from now :(
  8. DAMN!! Looks like they're trying to keep the scores at 460s.

    Congrats to those who made it!!
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  9. Guys a small discussion prompt - "If IRCC is deliberately trying to keep CRS around 460 (maybe to allow provinces to make more money via PNPs) then how long can they sustain?"

    Will this inflation die out eventually as 458+ applications dry up?
    Or will enough people keep increasing their CRS scores by hook or crook to keep pushing the cut-off upwards?

    I understand this is very speculative. But maybe some experienced guys can shed light?
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  10. Next draw there'll be a sharp decrease and it could even be around 454/455. MARK MY WORDS!


    Based on the pool distribution about 4000 people over 451+ are remaining after this draw. I guess this is good news.
  11. good draw. i like the score.
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  12. This was a really unexpected draw outcome, however lets be positive and hope for the score to drop in the upcoming draws.. This might have been higher due to the PNP guys..
  13. Guys, this score was expected as I mentioned earlier as well. It's not that Ontario is approving applications, but there are other factors involved in high CRS this time.

    1. Alberta issued 121 Notifications of Interest, which took place August 15 (few approvals from there)
    2. Ontario approvals are also considered (even if there were few but they're part of this draw too)
    3. New addition of applications to CRS (it's higher than before these days)
    4. Last draw happened on Tuesday, so even a single day of gap this time, can push the score up
    5. Finally, improvements by existing applicants to their scores (be it increasing IELTS score, or new ECA update)
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