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Ray of Hope - 105th draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Date and time of round: November 15, 2017 at 17:54:19 UTC
    That's the most delayed draw in the past year. So we can keep checking till 18:00:00 UTC I guess
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  2. Are you feeling confident at 451? I think anyone above 450 is safe for now?
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  3. I assume anyone above 446 is safe for today.
  4. This Canada thing has been a piece of work at least for me over the last few months. First, I got in the pool by myself with a score of 440. I missed a couple of rounds in August and September because of the tie-breaking rule. Eventually, in late September, I was able to add my spouse and moved a bit up to 442. The draw that happened immediately after had a minimum score of 445. Tough luck! Then came October 5, my birthday, the score got pummeled by 5 points down to 437. We are still at it though because my spouse had to retake the IELTS this month, and after the result, we inched slightly higher to 439. As things stand, we are looking forward to next year, but a lot will depend on Ontario and its HCP program.

    The express entry is a good program and nothing good comes easy!
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  5. :( Hope you get through somehow down the line
  6. It's time for the customary Grizz Poem.

    Roses are red,
    Draws are due,
    CIC is quiet,
    And we’ve got no clue!
  7. Updated version:

    Roses are red,
    Draws are due,

    For those with 442 points,
    I hope you get through!
  8. I can feel your pain. I myself missed last time by 3 hours. Wish you all the best the coming year. Try getting CLB10 on IELTS if you aren't there yet
  9. I don't want to jinx it :). So honestly, I'm somewhere in between, in no man's land!
  10. How come you didn't through in the last draws though?
  11. 446 here, I hope we can witness a considerable reduction in the cut-off score.
  12. My spouse's ECA got delayed as they have asked for the transcripts to be sent again. I was on 443 when i submitted my profile on Oct 29th (till Nov 24th), just a few hours after the draw with 442 cutoff.
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    All this score talk prediction and anxiety around draw has definitely been a roller coaster for most of the members on this forum. I hope everyone at 440 and above would be Invited soon, because you all truly deserve it.

    About @keyur sharma - please shut up. It’s easy to take a stand and whine only because you have successfully made it to Canada already. Almost everyone on here is only trying to follow the rules, come to Canada through a great program the country has and they certainly don’t need your approval. Your political opinion is yours to keep. That example of Pakistan and Bangladesh what on earth was that?

    All these forum members aren’t trying to illegally enter Canada, they are coming there with their talent and their own money. They will be part of the economy - the taxes you talk about these people will be added to that force as well just as well as you are.
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  14. Oh I see! Good luck for today! :)
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  15. Guys I have appeared IELTS 5 times. Below are my score
    I have applied for EOR twice when I got 6.5 in S and W but no change.When I started the PR process in 2017 ,if I would have scored clb9 I would have got the ITA. Now I am 1 year older and after Feb again I will loose 5 more point and it will be really difficult.So I have time till Feb to crack IELTS.
    But recently I started preparing for PTE as 79+ in PTE will give me ITA for Australia.

    What you guys suggest.

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