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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. My Background check has started on 12th April but I have not received any Pre Arrival service mail... Can anyone pls tell me still how much time I have to wait for PPR and DM..? I am a Oct 2016 applicant... Pls reply
  2. I updated my address twice. Infact the third time was when they asked for my passport and other docs. However my address has not changed in ecas. If they replied and acknowlege your mail, you sould not worry. You have done your part
  3. Are you REG stream, it seems like REG slower than PEQ. I am DEC 2016 REG applicant. Have not heard anything yet.
  4. No worries bro!! you are not alone!!! October 2016 inland applicant through PEQ.Still waiting and waiting!!!! we are testing our endurance here!!!! should we thank CIC for that??? LOL :D
  5. I passed my medical about a week ago but it hasn't been uptaded in my acount yet. How long will it usually take? Should I call the clinic to make sure they sent my medical or this delay is normal?

  6. Has anyone tried to track their GCMS notes request? I got a tracking number, but I don't know what to do with it... :confused:
    It's been 33 days.
  7. Send them an email that you have in the GCMS auto reply email with the tracking number. They will get back to you in less than a week.
  8. It takes between 1 week to 15 days from what I saw for other people. For me it took 10 days to show in my account as passed .
  9. Any update for inland applicants from March 2017?

    I have passed medicals and coming up on 13 months. Why do I think the 15 month processing time will not be met lol
  10. At the top of the status page after you have successfully logged in, both home address and mail address and two buttons of "update this home/mail address" were displayed, just click them and fill all blanks, done, wait..

    We applied outland in Hong Kong, and last year landed as tourists.
  11. Pre arrival 4/12
    DM 4/12

    still didn't receive PPR
  12. Ho much time it takes Jess after completion of MR for PPR..
  13. Your timeline pls
  14. Please share your contact no i am also waiitng PPR after getting pre arrival mail on

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