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Quebec Investor

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Songsort, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. I have just started the application process and thought it could be a good idea to log my case here and discuss its progress with applicant fellows.
  2. My consultant said they have submitted by application to a financial broker for review / analysis and they eventually submitted my application to Quebec on 20 Mar 2015.

    It's my first step on a long journey.
  3. Hi Songsort

    A friend of mine is looking to invest/start a business in Canada as well. May I please ask what your process has been like so far?

  4. Hi pkssandhu,

    I am not actually invest in or start a business. It's an program that the Investor "invest" $800,000 CAN with an authorized financial broker for 5 years without interest in order to migrate to Quebec.

    Your friend can find out more about this program here (i am not allow to post link but you can google it)

    So far, i have prepared my application and supporting documents, passed them on to my consultant and they in turn submitted it to an authorized broker. It is the very very first step and I am now waiting for a file number, which should take about 40 days.
  5. Okay, I will look into that.

    Thank You
  6. CanadaVisa - Quebec Business/Investor Immigration

    Immigration Quebec - Selecting one of the three immigration programs for business people
  7. Hi XpressEnterprise, how can you post links while I can't. Is it your previllege as senior member of the forum?

    Are you landing soon, it's nearly the end of Mar :)
  8. Hi Songsort, Yes! I guess you are a new member, so most of the permissions would be restricted. The more you post quality posts (not spam), your account status will be upgraded and you will be allowed to post links.

    I have plan to land in April 2015. Will be landing at Montreal Airport. :D
  9. I did my medicals in April 2014 (btw, this was my 3rd medical).... And I got visa and COPR in January 2015. Validity was only until April 2015 (a year after medicals)
  10. Ah, nice. Thank you.
  11. You are most welcome ;D
  12. Progress:
    File number has been given on 31 Mar 2015.
  13. Congrats Man! You got your file number in just 11 days. Can you tell which VO is your file getting processed?
  14. Thank you ExpressEnterprise.

    To be honest, I don't really know which VO that is. My consultant sent me a letter in French with MIDI logo and these numbers: numero de reference individual and numero de dossier.

    Letter's subject is "ouverture de votre dossier"

    How long did it take you to get the file number?

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