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Quebec investor - Bangladeshi applicant

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Confused what for ?
    Will you please let me know your time line.
  2. Hi! Thanks for your interest. I applied for QIIP in November 2011.Received Acknowledgement letter in Feb.2012.Another letter I received in April 2013 to submit updated documents. Submitted those as well. Now on waiting.Confused, because my children are studying at colleges, if I don't get visa before their graduation started,then QIIP is for no use for me. Only the Almighty knows how long wil it take to complete the process.
    Btw, my sister in law applied in FSW in December 2010 and got her visa in last November and landed in last September.
  3. Hi friend,

    I apply as a skilled worker and sent doc 8 october and reach montreal 10 october. but still i didnt get aor till now.
  4. Bro,
    This is not fair but true that if you make any schedule depend on your immigration process this will give you a pain. You have to think in other way and keep this process for a long time schedule.

    I had applied for federal process after completing the Quebec process this is already gone more then a year.
    So, you cannot predict the time how and when you got the visa in your hand.
    On the other hand in your time line you are far from your interview. So wait for that and after then count the days.

    This happening to me, I do not have the intention to make you worry but praying to almighty that Allah may grant our PR application.

  5. Thanks Leo. Apart from my agent, I have contacted another immigration firm, like my agent, they also told me that I might get interview call very soon. But who knows !
  6. I got my interview call more then 2 years later after submission my application for Quebec part. Hope by the grace of almighty Allah you get it earlier then me.
  7. I didn't understand what did you mean by Federal part and Quebec part of your application. BTW, which is your VO? Mine is Hongkong. Anyway, let's hope for the best.We can't do anything except the almighty wants.
  8. If you are QIIP applicant then you should make your investment in Quebec part after completing the all procedure including interview. after complete the investment you have moove for visa with federal side.
    Hope if you discuss with your agent they will clearify all these issues for you.

  9. Hi Leo,
    Can you please let me know about your total application procedure?

  10. I've got a call from my agent to re-send some particular papers asap though updated papers are already submitted within the deadline in last May.Can anybody give some info about this?
  11. Great. That mean they are working on your file. Once they complete their paper work then you will be ask for interview at hong kong office.
  12. Thanks
  13. I have got another letter from my agent to update some particular documents according to CIC's instruction. Can anyone help me by providing information about this,please?

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