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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stylove, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. What is your timeline. I applied on 4 june and i got the acknowledgement on 17th june.
  2. i
    it was returned due to credit card issue
  3. has anyone received CSQ lately? I applied on May 24th. Credit Card was charged on June 11th and they send me a letter of acknowledgement. No news since then.
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  4. Hi , did you get MR
  5. Hi, nope nothing yet
  6. Same here, I'm still waiting for the CSQ and the Medical Request
  7. hi.. do u have news? still no MR? is 12 mos is the maximum processing time or minimum? hoping to here from them soon
  8. Hello
    May you please tell me how can I see this information on the website? I want to check my dates.
    I received the letter of "acknowledgment of receipt" on June 6, but still no news from CSQ...
  9. Hi
    My Credit Card was also charged on June 6 and I received a letter of acknowledgement including individual reference number and file number. It's already 25 days after sending the application to quebec. No news since then. Also waiting for medical request...
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  10. For my case

    CSQR Sent : 24 May, Credit card charged 10 June and I received a acknowledgement letter (like AR) some days after by poste. PA still waiting for the CSQ.

    I guess it's more slow now because the holidays ? maybe!
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  11. Hi everyone
    Hope you are doing well and receiving good news from your cases!

    Does anyone know how to check this on the website?
    Someone said in the forum that:
    "coz website shows
    The Ministère is currently processing sponsorship applications received on:
    - March 15, 2018, for a spouse, common-law spouse or dependent child;"

    Do you know how we can check our dates on the website?
    I appreciate if someone can explain this.
    Thank you
    Good luck
  12. Hello, i have no news at alla no MR . I have 12 weeks for the 12 months. Normally it’s 12 months the promesses processing time but I don’t think they will respect that
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  13. Hello everyone. Dec outland applicant here from Phils. Our file is in CPCM and still waiting for MR since 1st April after they received my CSQ. No news since then.. :(
  14. Hi
    May you please say what was written on the "request to submit CSQ" when you received it?
  15. It just said to make an application for provincial undertaking quebec
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