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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stylove, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Hi
    Can you please share your timeline.
    Thank you
  2. They send it to the sponsor address
  3. What’s the wait time to get csq after you send in the application? Is MIDI still respecting the 25 days deadline?
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  4. Thanks. The first one was sent to my neighbor. Fault by Canada Post.
  5. Yes, they respect the 25 days.
  6. June Outland, from France. Our app was transferred to Mississauga and BGC started on December. We received CSQ on February 7th and nothing since...
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  7. Hello Everyone

    I am an outland sponsor. VO Bogota, Colombia

    Timeline so far:
    Jul 14, 2018 - Application Received
    Dic 17, 2018 - AOR 1
    Feb 18, 2019 - Sponsorship approval
    Mar 7, 2019 - CSQ Requested
    Mar 26, 2019 - CSQ Sent

    I just saw that the fee for the CSQ was deducted from the credit card today.
    What should follow in the process. When might they ask for the medical exam?

  8. Svp quelqu'un sait si il faut avoir un csq valide lors lors du passage au bureau de Québec à l aéroport? Mon csq expire bientôt et ma demande de résidence permanente est toujours en cours de traitement au bvc de paris.merci
  9. Hello,
    I sent my outland app on sept 26. I got the CSQ on feb 16th and since then nothing no MR nothing. I am so worried!! Anyone in the same situation here???
    My app is in Mississauga even though it's an outland app
  10. Do you need to send a copy of csq to visa office where my file was transferred? Or will I receive a letter or update asking to send it to them? Or is nothing necessary?
  11. There are 2 possible situations:
    1) If you haven't received the AOR2 (from the local visa office), then you don't need to do anything as MIDI will automatically forward the CSQ to the local visa office;
    2) If you get the AOR2 from the LVO and the CSQ is in process, this means that the LVO most likely attached an additional letter requesting the CSQ or to at least inform them within 30 days that you have requested it to MIDI. In one of these letters, there should be an email address for the LVO, so when you get the CSQ, just send it to this email letter, indicating name of the applicant, UCI and application number. Some offices tell you to put a small label on the top right of the document to facilitate their sorting process (DON'T WRITE ON THE CSQ), just write it by hand on a small piece of paper and scan it with the CSQ making sure that you are not covering any numbers.

    For situation 2), you could also send the CSQ through a web form. I did both yesterday and I am still waiting for a reply
  12. Alright, thank you so much
  13. I need to send my CSQ to Mexico. In the letter where they requested to send it, they don't mention email or web forms. Is it ok to send it throught the web form or do they absolutely need the physical copy sent by mail?
  14. Hi
    Hi, hoping you could answer my question regarding CSQ, i recieved the request to submit CSQ on the 17 of may, and sent it today 20 may. What happens if my CSQ takes longer than the 30 days to be completed? will this end in a refusal on my application?
  15. Hello,
    Hope some of you can answer. I’m just wondering why files from Quebec are taking so long lately. I see people from other provinces getting ppr after 5-7 months and people from Quebec are stuck waiting either for MR or CSQ our BGC. I mean is this some political matter or what?

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