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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stylove, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. That’s what I am suspecting, political matter. Three of us are all going to Quebec and bgc started over 3 months ago. We thought we are in security screening, but CBSA notes show security as Passed.
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  2. Yeah I just don’t get it! I’ve been waiting for MR since February. It says BGC started like in December but no news at all. I really don’t understand, they say QC apps take longer because of CSQ but we already got it and we are still waiting!!!!
  3. I sent the CSQ request last Friday, the file was transferred to VO, Bio done and MR no yet received. So I guess it's the same case here?
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  4. hi i havent receive my MR too. im october 2018 applicant.its already 7months but no update on my status...my vo is cpc-m..
  5. Hello, mine is from sept 2018 and no news since feb, no MR. my CPC is M.. also
  6. 4 of us got DM and PPR on the 12 June. All Quebec applicants. BGC lasted 3-4 months for us. Thought you might wanna know. I guess it’s moving a bit.
  7. Hello, thanks for your reply. Could you please share your dates.
  8. 8.17 app received
    12.3 AOR
    2.12 pre
    3.4 bgc started
    6.12 dm ppr
  10. Hello.. could you please update the file transfer and MR dates also
  11. does anyone know why it would take a long time for the money to be debited for CSQ its been 3 weeks...
  12. MR Dec 23
    FT Hong Kong Jan 6
  13. 3 weeks is normal. Quebec is taking abit longer lately.
  14. its been over 4 weeks now.. still nothing, dont think thats normal.
  15. Thank you

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