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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stylove, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. This was an older post I made. We called the immigration and our CSQ was declined for credit card issues. So we sent another applicstion and updated payment and it was received on 3rd July... I have had to ask my visa office for an extension to submit the CSQ hopefully it will all be OK.. They gave me an extra 30 days but I am not confident it is enough time....
  2. they count the 25 working days processing time from the day they charge the credit card.
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  3. Hi, do you have any news

  4. No update for me, yet. I'll write here whenever I get CSQ.
  5. Still waiting for the CSQ...
  6. Has anyone one of the May / June applicants received CSQ? 25 working days for my application will be up this week. I applied on May 24th for CSQ and CC was charged on June 11th
  7. "The Department is currently receiving an exceptional volume of family sponsorship cases. As a result, it has become impossible to meet the 25-day deadline set out in the Customer Service Statement."

    Please see the link: https://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/immigrate-settle/family-reunification/index.html
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  8. Can someone tell me if the money is debited from my account for CSQ does that mean they will process my file and all my paperwork was OK for now until they make a decision?
  9. Excuse me , in which period the CSQ started to withdraw Money from my account ? I am 2018 spousal sponsorship .
  10. no idea?
  11. Kindly, I need your help . I am PA under family class . sponsor lives in Quebec . Does she have to Send me CSQ -original papers- by courier ? Will I be asked by officer at airport to show them CSQ original papers or copy of those are already enough along with COPR ?
  12. im not so sure of that answer as i am arriving with my sponsor to quebec and not seperatly. sorry, someone else may be able to help you
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  13. yes they might request more stuff later on but wont be sending you back the application unprocessed.
  14. Hi Friends,

    Need your inputs on the below.

    We have a plan to travel to Montreal(Quebec via road) when i had my Visiting Visa. However, i got my COPR in meanwhile and now, i have to land in Montreal if i do not have to cancel our Trip.
    However, my COPR has city of destination as Toronto, Ontario.

    I have read in various forums saying that except Quebec we can land in any other province( Does this rule holds good even if we are landing via road). We are staying in New jersey now, planning to drive and land in Montreal. Would that be fine or is it safe to land in Ontario only( i mean other than Quebec).

    Please let us know your advice.

    Thanks in advance
  15. Hi guys
    I received My CSQ. It was posted via mail at Sponsor's Address. It has the date of July 24 on top of that.
    I sent related documents on May 16 and credit card was charged on Jun 6
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