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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stylove, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Looking at the tracker it seems like most applicants receive the medical request right after they get the biometrics request but I still haven't received that. Do they ask for medical AFTER they receive CSQ for QC applicants?
  2. As u see my timeline, I have the same situation. Even after getting CSQ, still waiting for medical request. But as u said, things go differently for various applicants, some receive MR sooner. I've heard that there is no particular relationship between MR and CSQ.
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  3. Understood, thank you
  4. Medical request almost always comes after CSQ is issued. Our CSQ was issued on July 31st. Got medical request for my wife and son yesterday. I think the reason for this is that medical exam expires in a year and they don't want delays from Quebec to cause the applicant to take the medical exam twice
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  5. Excellent. On August 16 I received an email saying "We are pleased to inform that you have met the federal eligibility requirements as a sponsor.". I believe this is called SA. And now I'm still waiting for them to request CSQ.
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  6. Would you please share your timeline?
  7. Application received - April 8th
    AOR - April 30th
    Sponsorship Approval - May 6th
    Biometrics Payment Request - May 8th
    Biometrics Request - May 15th
    CSQ Request - May 21st
    CSQ Application Received - May 24th
    Biometrics Given - May 30th
    CSQ AOR and CC charge - June 11th
    CSQ Issued - July 31st
    Medical Request - August 20th
    Medical Exam - August 21st
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  8. Dear friends,
    May you please tell me if I want to call immigration office in Canada to know about my case (its more than 7 months) should I cal MIDI or IRCC?
    Do you have any numbers? Has anyone tried this way?
  9. Hello everyone, I just sent my CSQ application, looks like it'll take a long time to receive it. What do I need to do with the CSQ once I receive it, do I need to mail it somewhere? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone,

    Application submitted - Aug 8, 2019 (via Canada expresspost)
    Application received - Aug 12, 2019
    AOR 1 - waiting
    PA: India

    Good luck to us!:)
  11. Hie my application is similar to you , please let me know if you have any update regarding your file
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  12. your spousal is in land or outland , same boat we applied in May . medical done and submitted on 16 Sep, waiting Medical result
  13. its an outland application
  14. Hi! Sharing my info so far:

    Quebec outland applicant

    PA: South Korea
    Application received: Aug 15th, 2019
    ECAS says In process: Sep 19th, 2019
    AOR: Sep 19th, 2019
    SA passed: Sep 20th, 2019
    Biometrics request: Sep 20th, 2019
    VO: Sent to Manila, Philippines on Oct 3rd, 2019
    CSQ requested: Oct 3rd, 2019
    CSQ submitted: Oct 3rd, 2019
    AOR2: Oct 7th, 2019
    Medical request: Oct 14th, 2019
    Medical completed: Oct 15th, 2019
    CSQ CC charge: Oct 23rd, 2019
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    Hi everyone!

    I’m sponsoring my wife and her dependent child and they finally got their CoPR’s and we are ready to go to Canada (I’m currently with them). Our destination is Montreal and I have our CSQ’s for Quebec as well.

    We decided to buy flights to Edmonton instead of Montreal and spend a two week holiday there as my mother lives in AB and would like us to visit her before we settle in QC.

    Since our final destination is QC and we will put our address in QC down for where to send the PR cards, will we have any problems for our Port of Entry as AB and not QC? Would she still have to give the CSQ’s to the immigration officer in Edmonton and canthey just give her the landed status there? I know many people land in other Port of Entry’s which isn’t on their application. Besides she got her PR through family sponsorship and not through any provincial program. I know technically once she goes through the customs she will be considered a landed immigrant and be entitled to the Canadian charter of rights which allows her to live and travel freely throughout Canada. I just want to make sure she and her dependent child can land in AB and visit my family like a holiday for a couple weeks before we go to QC. Will they ask for a flight ticket to QC from AB? Also what’s the worst case scenario if there’s a problem?

    many thanks

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