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Purpose of visit is tourism can i attach my friend's invitation also ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manjot4u, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. my purpose of visit is tourism and my friend wants me to stay with his family while my while stay in canada and he want to send me a letter of invitation can i mention it in my cover letter or should i attach his inviation that he is offering me a accomodation to me ?

    Or should i book a hotel in advance with confirmed reciept ?
    I purpose of visit is only tourism

    Plz adivce me its urgent
  2. Advice is why so only Canada ?
    firstly why you are not travelling to nearest country to you ?
  3. I want to explore canada and want to see a xmas of canada this year
  4. Have you traveled before any country ?
  5. No but i have a vaild australia vistor visa But i want to travel canada first bcz i wana see xmas of canada and eant to explore canada after that i will go austrlia to celebrate new year with my family
  6. should visit AU after that apply for Canada . advice:)
  7. Okay how much gap period should be there after visiting austrlia
  8. 3-4 months. make sure your trip to AU Max. 10 to 15 days
  9. Oky thanku manpreet
    After visiting austrlia is there a chnce of canada trv approval ??
  10. Yes. Your trip to AU could be raise the chance of TRV approval
  11. What arethe examples of strong home ties that convince visa officer thst i will return to my home country what evidence should have to give them for maximum chnces of visa
  12. your own property/house.
    rent agreement .
    stable job.
    bank statement/Fixed deposit.
  13. Own agriculture land
    Agrucultre land rent lease on my name
    Working as a manager
    Bank balance 3.5 lakh 1 year old
  14. @Bryanna any comment plz

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