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Pulmonary Tuberculosis(Active/Inactive)-History,Sputum Tests,6 mos medication...

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PTB, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hey thank u for ur response...
    I called them so they reverted me back with the result which were negative and they called me on 7th August for the re- xray.
    Hope the waiting is not too long after the xray.Do let me know when u receive ur Visa or any update.
  2. Great to hear of the negative result!
    Will keep you posted. Good luck to you too.
  3. You will be called for your second x ray exactly 3 months from the last one you did.. your situation is just like mine, you just have to be patient, everything will be fine
  4. Hi sunnyy,
    Can you pls share ur timeline? It seems that your remedical reports were submitted to cic on 20th May. So within how many days ur medical passed ? And after that within how many days u got your visa approval?
  5. I called the clinic and they confirmed the result has been sent to cic on May 20th and my medical was passed before June 3rd... it took a month before cic just demanded for my new LOA on the 4th July .. am still waiting for approval .. I guess soon ok
  6. Hope everything will be fine soon. You are very near. Dont worry.

    What kind of LOA?
  7. It was a request letter for my new letter of admission (deferral letter from my school) because the last one I submitted with my application was for winter dec 2018, so I have sent it and waiting for approval. The wait is nothing like I have experienced in my life but it will definitely end well that’s the joy.
  8. Totally agree waiting is really difficult. I can understand your pain because I'm also in the same situation somewhat different from you.

    You will get good news soon. Hope for the best.
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  9. Is there anyone who was requested for GeneXpert test along with the Sputum Culture and Smear Test along with chest Xray.
    Gene Xpert result is given in like 1 day. Chest Xray needs to be done after 3 months from 1st Xray. I am an applicant of Study Permit and not Permanent Residency.
    My course starts in September and my 2nd Chest Xray date is also 1st September. I informed my University about all these details and they said they would allow me to join by 1st October.
    Why was I requested for Gene Xpert test. No one in this forum has been requested for Gene Xpert. This test is like the most advanced test for TB which gives result in 1 day.
    I did all the tests except Sputum culture. GeneXpert and the Smear Test came negative. Chest CT scan is also clear.
    What are my chances of getting the Study Permit before 1st October if all the tests come out to be negative?
    I have applied for study permit under the SDS category.
  10. Hi shreya .. I am in the same condition though .. Can we talk please for a while
  11. B
    Bro i am in the same situation , i was asked for sputem test .. The results came negative after almost 60 days and had to go for the xray twice , after that embssy asked for CT chest , i gave that too .. Now its been 35 months after the test :/
    Still no response .. I had to miss one intake now my next intake is coming and i am so worried :/
    I do not want to miss this one too
  12. When you had your CT scan ?
  13. Update: PP told me everything was good and they submitted my results yesterday.
    Today, my status changed to medicals passed.
    I'll have a celebratory beer shortly.

    Hope you also have some good news to share really soon!
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  14. I did the CT done on my own on recommendation of personal doctor. The Embassy didn't ask for CT.
  15. Congratulations! Did you get the Passport Request as well?

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