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Pulmonary Tuberculosis(Active/Inactive)-History,Sputum Tests,6 mos medication...

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PTB, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Not much thread are made specifically for this topic.

    To all individuals or families who can relate to this topic, please let us all gather here and share our views, experiences to help one another. It will somehow ease the worries of applicants having medical furtherance because of suspected, active, inactive Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

    I'll start with my husband's case. He has PTB history few years back with only 2 months continuous anti PTB medication treatment. He was asked by his private pulmo doctor to discontinue it due to severe allergic reaction. The physician monitored his chext xray for 4 months, repeat every 2 mos with same findings, meaning it is stable. No further follow up done until late last year when we visited his pulmo doctor and asked to provide him a medical certificate. We have shown him as well a two-day old chest xray film but my husband was not asked to re-start the medication treatment.

    We received our MR early this year, as expected, he was required to undergo sputum tests and repeat chest xray 3 mos after the initial. After 3 months, results came out with the following findings:
    SPUTUM SMEAR - Negative
    SPUTUM CULTURE - Negative
    REPEAT CHEST XRAY - no changes, stable

    He is considered to have an inactive pulmonary tuberculosis according to the pulmo doctor (DMP) and said the embassy will decide if he still needs to undergo the 6 months medication treatment.

    Anyone of you who have the same case as my husband's? Do you think he will be asked to take the medication treatment having the above findings.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hello po...just want to ask if nagreply naba ang embassy sa inyo your hubbys medical?
  3. Nationwide just called me up informing that I'll be referred to a pulmonologist and undergo some test ( sputum, etc. ) / medication for 3 months, repeat chest x-ray thereafter. Will this be a ground for my visa refusal?
  4. We already have our visas :)

    No further tests done and no medication/s prescribed. He needs to undergo medical surveillance in Canada that he is very much willing to do.
  5. No, just comply with what the clinic and the embassy asked you to do. Once you are cleared, they will grant you the visa.
  8. Pebble0402. Please give me your email address, I don't know why I can't reply to your personal message. If you will allow me, I'll answer your queries here.
  9. Might be because you still only have 5 posts.... :)

    /..all the best....
  10. Yah, I remember. Thank you ragluf :)
  11. Hi

    Just got this thread via Google.. ..

    I have a big spot in my chest X-Ray that was initially caught while I was suffering from seasonal cough.. My family doctors cross-examined it and I had to undergo couple of severe tests to diagnose what exactly it is..

    Suspected diseases were :

    Sarcoidosis of Lungs
    Chest Cancer

    To make everything clear, my doctors conducted - Couple of Chest X-Rays, XT Scan, Bronchoscopy, TBNA, Sputum Test, Mantoux, Culture test for AFB (that 42 days test). All came out to be NEGATIVE for TB and Cancer.

    End result was "inflammatory granuloma" which is big sign of Sarcoidosis. It ain't troubling me. Never troubled it in the past as well.

    So I did my embassy medicals and they asked me to undergo these tests again for Culture and all. I submitted my recent reports. Let's see if they clear it.
  12. Hello PTB,

    I sent you a PM. Thank you very much.

  13. In respect to this topic, I had primary Complex when I was I think 4 or 5,I underwent medication for 6 months. However, in my chest xrays, it left a scar and in the findings it would always say, mycobacterium tuberculae probably healed/inactive. I am a nurse, 4 yrs ago I took the 6 mos therapy for TB to protect myself bec I am exposed to patients who has it too.

    My question is, what do you think is best to do. Would you suggest that I go to my Pulmonologist, have xrays done, sputum and culture test done now to ensure copies that I am cleared? Well, it is not that we are already on the CIC stage. We just submitted our online application few days ago. Any advice that will help us please. Thank you
  14. Hello Creatorzz Son :)

    I wish you Good Luck and please update our group.

    Thanks for sharing.
  15. I replied to your gmail account :)

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