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Pulmonary Tuberculosis(Active/Inactive)-History,Sputum Tests,6 mos medication...

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PTB, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. You'd most likely have to repeat the medicals, as the validity is for a year only.
    Perhaps the hospital might not put you through the sputum tests if a repeated xray is identical to the previous two.
    But its also possible.
    Good luck.
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  2. Hello,

    Is it normal to receive medical surveillance letter before passport request?
    Its been a week i have received this letter and i am wondering what to do
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  3. Hi,
    Yes, it is possible who has past TB history although inactive currently. Have you received your PPR or passport request?
  4. It’s been 4 weeks now after medical passed after x ray and sputum test.... how long will I wait before I get a passport request.. am loosing my mind
  5. Dont worry .. Everything will be fine soon. Hope for the best. You will get your passport request soon.

    Can you pls share your timeline after updoading your sputum test results and x-ray within how many days your medical passed.
  6. The hospital confirmed that result was negative and it was sent to cic on the 20th May and medical became passed before June 3rd
  7. I hear sometimes speaking to an agent at the CIC call center can help to shake things up. Either that or a request for GCMS notes.
    Perhaps you could try that?
  8. i had given my sputum samples 25 days ago only.. nd now doc is calling me again to meet him ... i m so worried.. do anyone had such experience before ?
  9. A friend said after medicals passed it automatically goes to 0 processing time or probably takes 5-6 weeks so I will just chill till july15 .. am sure I will get it before that time .. just like a friend here got hers on this forum after 5 weeks

  10. No after that letter i have not received anything
  11. Hi
    Have you received any updates ?
  12. Hi. What did they tell you? It's 22 days after giving sputum sample and they asked me to go there tomorrow. I want to know what to expect
  13. Any updates? Same case here? I'm being called it tomorrow 22 days after 3 sputum samples
  14. Hey all, can someone plz share their experience similar to my case which is..
    I had done my medicals on 7th may,2019 where they found an abnormal xray of mine also I had a history of tb. On 8th may,2019 I had done my sputum n culture after which they said to wait for 8weeks for the reports. Now it has been 9weeks n still m not able to get any reports or any update from anywhere.i did not even receive any date for 2nd xray. Only m told that I will receive a mail after they receive my reports.
    Also after my 2nd xray when will I get my Visa how long does it takes after the xray has been done.
    M clueless at this stage where I don't understand how long I have to wait.plz help
  15. My experience is rather different: I have found the PP folks more willing to share info. They told me of the negative smear results (few weeks after sputum samples collected). I did have to call, after 8 weeks, but they were quick to confirm that (again negative) results had been communicated to IRCC. Days after, I got an email from IRCC requested another x-ray (which I did today).
    Have you tried calling or going to see your own PP?

    As for when PPR could be ready after 2nd x-ray/medical passed, its really difficult to tell. It depends on the stage where your file is: I read of someone who got PPR notice the very day of MEP. For some its 5 weeks later.

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