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Prince Edward Island PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by letstry, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    Wat is your noc code and how did u apply
  2. Ha ha ha really strange man.
    OINP took out NOI 12th July but left out 2171 and virtually selected everyone else, your thoughts ?
  3. 438 and CLB9
  4. Did anyone here get PEI ITA?
  5. I have been waiting since 2 years for PEI, 2174. They dont invite people with IT background, atleast I didnt heard anything since last 2 years
  6. Hello, I am recent graduated student from ontario and I am very confused among provinces that where to go for immigration. now, I am thinking about the PEI, so can you please give me some information about it. As, I searched a lot but could not be satisfied so I want to know from already nominated person. Some of my friends told me that we can do any job for six month and can apply for PEI PNP, so please tell me about it also. It would be great help and appreciate you.
  7. Hello everyone! Maybe you can help me with this? I’m quite confused about my NoC, my title in my current work is “Loans Processor”. Upon searching it to canada’s website for correct NoC, Financial sales representative is the one popping out (NoC6235) but my agent told me that the correct NoC should be 1232 which is Loans officer because it’s the one that is close to my title loans processor. I checked the job description of financial sales representative and compared it to loans officer JD, they are both the same duties. 100% the same. Can i select NoC 6235 instead of NoC 1232? I just found out that noc 6235 is in high demand in alberta and I also saw in some thread that pei also invite noc6235 from previous draw. If I choose NOc 6235, should i request a new certificate of employment changing my title to Financial sales representative instead of Loans processor? What worries me is if ever I receive ITA from alberta or pei soon, will they call my employer about my job title? My manager or Hr could forget that i requested to change my title to financial sales representatve and tell to pei or alberta that my current title is loans processor. But regarding in Job description, financial sales rep and loans officer is 100% the same. TIA
  8. noc 2171
    pei score 70
    crs 376
    aug 6 2019 pei eoi submitted

    any clues about the chances?
  9. Not sure. I am on Score 75 with NoC 2172. Still no updates on PEI.. Next draw is on 15th Aug. Stay tune.
  10. How to get education evaluated for PEI? I read about workpei.ca but thier website is not not accessible from outside Canada.
  11. Plz add my number in pei pnp group.
  12. Hi ,

    My NOC is 1223
    PEI score is 80
    CRS score is 421
    Any chances of getting ITA?
  13. Hello. Does anyone here received Noi with NOC 6235, no job offer and no ties in prince edward?
  14. Hi can u pls add my number 91 9833299915 to the whats app group
    Amit patel
  15. Helo all, I have created profile in EE as well as PEI PNP..
    CRS 396 ( with spouse)
    CRS 413 ( without)
    PEI score 65
    NOC 4012, 4021
    What are the chances of invitation from PEI??


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