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Prince Edward Island PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by letstry, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Have not seen much of discussion about Prince Edward Island PNP in this Forum.

    I understand that this PNP stream through EE is open without many restrictions. Any reviews on the same please?
  2. I applied in May, few months ago,
    Later on, I got a list of some jobs from their side, and I send my job application to them.
    But still nothing new.
  3. This is very similar to my timeline :)
  4. Better to go for nova scotia
    Or Saskatchewan
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  5. Thanks Nickarter!! will go as you suggested.. just wanted to know about the reviews as i dont see many restrictions for that province...

    I see that you have recently been nominated for Saskatchewan.. Congrats!!
  6. I have also applied in August but didn't here anything from them except generic email stating we have received your application please do not call or email us.
  7. Thanks man
    Good luck
  8. I hear there is huge backlog for Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan is filled till January.

    Is it true?
  9. yes, that is true.

    btw, there is a separate whatsapp group for PEI applicants,
    so, if anyone of you have applied to PEI, PM me..
  10. Hello..just found this group. I am PEI Nominee and now PR in process.

    Anyone needs more info or question regarding PEI PNP may ask here

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  11. Hi

    New to this thread.

    What are the job chances for IT(2171 and 2174) in PEI and Saskatchewan?
  12. Hey whats your PR application timeline? Thanks
  13. Shall be great if you could share your NOC along with the time lines.

    Also, how did the process of Nomi go for you? Did they ask for your resume after you submitted the pdf form or were you directly granted Nomi.?
  14. Hi

    What are the job chances for IT(2171 and 2174) in PEI and Saskatchewan?
    If we get PNP for PEI , Can we migrate to any other state(like ontario, NOva scotia or quebec)? Or PR only permits to PEI only?

    It's worst case scenario that if we didn't get job at PEI, Can we migrate to other parts of Canada?

    Please help me on this.
  15. PEI is not giving any new nominations as of now..

    it seems that they are full with applications..

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