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Post ITA Personal History

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Zak8, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Hello all,

    I had a doubt about filling in the personal history section of the express entry from post ITA. When filling in the dates for personal history, what should be the format to show the dates ? For example, I completed bachelors in April 2013, and started working in May 2013.

    So when writing down the dates is it necessary to show an overlap ?
    Like Bachelors from September 2009 - May 2013 and Working from May 2013 - August 2016 ?

    O should it be this way
    Studying September 2009 - April 2013
    Working May 2013 - August 2016 ?

    Which one is more correct.

    Any help please.
  2. Either way should be fine. The important thing is to not have any gaps, but when you say you were studying till Apr 2013 and working from May 2013, it may be that you were studying till 25 Apr and then you took a few days to start working in a new city on May 1. Or May 10th, even

    Or you could say Studying Apr 2013, Working Apr 2013 because you graduated on Apr 5th and started working on Apr 25. That's perfectly fine as well .

    However, if you said Studying Apr 2013 and working July 2013, you would have to account for the months in between. You might say "Unemployed: May 2013 - Jun 2013" and that would be fine.

    IRCC doesn't want to see any large gaps or unaccounted time in your history.
  3. Thanks @21Goose !

    I had another quick question. During my studies in Canada, I was doing part time job as well and also some part time gig along with the full time job. Now in my personal history i have shown them all the education history and the full time jobs and unemployment without any time gap. So is it necessary to mention the part time job as well. Because if i don't show the part time job, still my personal history has no gaps. But I don't want hide or misrepresent anything. So should all the part time works also be mentioned in the personal history section with the overlap with my study and full time job ?

  4. If you aren't getting points for those jobs, and your history has no gaps, you don't have to show them. Apply a standard of reasonableness here.

    For example, you were in school for two years, and you occasionally worked as event staff at a convention center to make some extra money (assuming you're legally allowed to work, let's say you were in your home country). You don't have to talk about that since no one cares that you worked two weekends every three months to earn some beer money. Your primary occupation during those two years is "Studying".

    Misrepresention is when you lie/omit something that is material to your application. It's not misrep. if you don't tell IRCC about the time you made $50 teaching the neighbor's kid some calculus while you were home for a summer vacation.
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  5. Hello everyone! I am trying to fill in the application and stuck on personal History section. Do I have to support any of information provided? For example job experience that I have not claimed in profile when I got ITA. Will I have to support this information later on?
  6. Not usually no. Not unless they are suspicious about something and want to verify that you aren't making up stuff (for example, your Facebook/LinkedIn says you were travelling in Africa but your personal history/travel history makes no mention of that). That's pretty rare though.
  7. Thank you. That’s why i am wondering. My LinkedIn mentions this work back in 2014-2016 but it would be hard to get a reference as the company doesn’t exist anymore. And the work was long distance
  8. That doesn't matter. It would be an issue if they suspected some sort of security threat (travel to certain regions of the world, suspicious activities, etc). Just having something on your LinkedIn would not by itself be suspicious if you aren't getting points for it. There's no rule that you have to prove the work that you aren't getting points for.

    Personal History is more about filling in the gaps in your life. They want to get a sense of what you have been up to in your life, but if it all looks legit, they won't look too deep.

    Essentially, Personal History is not really verified, but they can ask if they think you're some sort of international criminal/drug smuggler/etc. etc. They won't ask unless there's something seriously wrong.

  9. I realized that I did not include four jobs on my personal history that were all part-time casual whilst studying full time. I also forgot one casual job in Canada which I worked at only for a week. I submitted my PR application three days ago. Should I submit these jobs through the web form and apologize for originally not including as they were casual whilst studying? Is there any other avenues to add this information to my application?

    I understand they did not add to my points I just realized that I have not included them and want to be honest.
  10. if you haven’t submitted it yet you can add as a personal history it wont need the supporting documents
  11. I am in same situation as you i forgot to add experience of wht should i do .did i me
  12. Hi everyone,

    For my wife, I haven’t claimed any points for work history and also any other degrees other than her 2nd Masters.

    While entering education in personal history for her, what should I select as ‘Level of education’ since only one of her three degrees was sent for evaluation to WES? Can I just select Bachelors or Masters as what was awarded?

    Secondly, in case she started studying a course but didn’t complete, it’s fine to write as ‘Not completed’ but activity as ‘Educational activity’ correct?
  13. Hello, mate! When we were applying for nomination, i just mentioned INCOMPLETE DEGREE and it was okay.
  14. Guys, just wanted to ask a question - if I got a nomination and already filled all these personal details and history forms, would I need to fill them once again after ITA? Thanks for your replies.

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