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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by OAG, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Thanks for taking your time to give a detailed response.
    I'm January 15,2018 applicant and I'm yet to get the golden email. I was asked to redo medical in July 2019, which I have done and it's been uploaded, but when I called the IRCC agent, I was told they are still doing my background check and security not yet initiated.
    This waiting game is gradually getting to me.
  2. security check is usually the part that takes the longest cos it's done by other agencies . just wait, won't take too long now.
  3. August 11 2017 applocant.
    Aor: September 23 2017
    Still waiting.
    Last i check with cic over the phone, that said officer left note that need more time for security check.

    Anyone experincing same situation?
  4. I m July 28 applicant still nothing
  5. Do you know what is happening... any idea..
  6. Hey guys,
    Please advise that how long does VO extend my medical.
    I’m 2017 July applicant. I got ghost update last Thursday and I called phone centre the agent told me that my background check was done. And the VO sent an request to extend my medical. However, I haven’t received any update yet.
    Can anyone please give me any information.
  7. After your medical extended, probably will got ppr next day. Depend on different officer
  8. So your security check is processed for 3 months ? Is your Security Check processed by CBSA or just stayed in IRCC?

    My file is sent to CBSA for security check. It is currently showing security check in process, but IRCC cannot tell me anything... It might be in Security screening.
  9. AR - 08-16-2018 AOR- 09-25-2018 MR- 08-05-2019 After this they send correspondence of additional documents RRPF, PCC, RCMP on june 18,2019. I paid RRPF on june 18,2019 and Submitted PCC and RCMP on july 03,2019 After that no message still waiting. Anyone know how long its gonna take now?
  10. What stream?
    Outland or inland?
  11. Its PNP with federal and inland
  12. Congratulations on the news of the recent progress on your application.
    Are you a single applicant, inland or outland?
    Please I will like to know, if you have any clue as to why your background check took this long to complete.
    Looking forward to your kind response.
  13. Just got Passport request , I'm June 29, 2017!!!! Finally!
    Does anyone know if I can go to border instead of sending my passport? and what do I need to take with me ?
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