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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by OAG, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. This thread is for inland PNP paper based 2017 applicants. Let's share our timeline here!
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  2. Inland AINP Nominee
    Application received by CIC: 25 May 2017
    AOR: 01 August 2017
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  3. Applied to CIC Feb 16th 2017
    AOR April 4th 2017
    Generic Reminder Email June 5th, 2017
    Online account shows: Background Check In progress
  4. have u submitted your medicals???
  5. I am glad that people are interested in this thread. Thanks OAG!

    Here is my timeline:

    OINP applicant
    application received April 28
    AOR July 13

    Good luck everyone!
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  6. No, I have not submitted upfront medicals. What about you. Whats your BG check status
  7. Any 2017 inland applicant received MR?
  8. It shows background check is in process and medicals have been received as I have submitted my medicals up-front.
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  9. Hi Team ,

    My company in canada applied my PR via Paper based Provincial nomination from Ontario (OINP)
    NOC Code- 0213 (Inland Application)

    Here is my timeline

    Pre-Screening package submitted- Feb,2016
    Pre-Screening Approved– January 30,2017
    Nominee Application package submitted – 28th March,2017
    Receipt of Nominee Application – April 28,2017
    Confirmation of Nominee – May 3,2017
    PR application submitted - 12th June,2017
    AOR Received(with Application number) on 15th August,2017

    Please suggest whats the next step, when I will get MR and in how much time I will get the PR.
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  10. Inland BC PNP - Applicant
    Date application received: 05/15/2017
    AOR: Aug-4-2017
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  11. Received AOR on 15th August, waiting for MR.
    anyone got Medical Request?
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  12. Inland BC PNP

    Application received on Jan. 27
    AOR March 15
    Generic reminder e-mail on June 12.

    Anyone tried applying for Express Entry with your current application in progress?
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  13. Does it say " Your application is in progress. blah blah" under background check or it actually states "we are processing your background check..."? There's a difference ..
  14. not to discourage u but giving answer to ur question ( if u applied paper based not ee) applicants whose file received in the last week of june 2016 just start getting Medical requests...long way to go for 2017 applicants... but time will fly guys b strong ..I got medical on may 2nd 2017 after 12 months... after i did medical on may 8th nothing yet..I'm waiting from last 16 months On 16 September i will b entering in 17th month of waiting but nothing yet... god bless everyone... everyone should get pr asap. Good luck guys
  15. Under background check it says : "We are processing your background check.We will send you a message if we need more information."

    Whats the difference ?

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