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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by OAG, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. What is ur AR ?
  2. Dec 7 2017
  3. Same is mine dec 7 2017 .medical got expired .19 months ended on july 7 called them on july 8 .they said everything passed and in the final stage .asked them i can send my medical again if u want .she said just wait for email .its up to officer that he wants to extend or want u to redo .she just said wait couple weeks
  4. Let me know if u get anything pls .
  5. I guess more like me are waiting . I thought i was the only one left. Lets just hope for the best !
  6. Sure. II do !!

  7. How many people are waiting from 2017 AR ? can you make a list ? I know two from sgvo, outland, one from ndvo, outland too
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  8. Well I am AINP Inland
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  9. AINP inland too
    October 23, 2017.
    All passed except security check.
    Waiting, waiting and waiting
  10. BC PNP inland
    AR December 14 2017
    all checks completed including second medical passed on July 12, nothing since .
    called IRCC they couldn't tell me anything useful at all except " everything looks good and in order, so just wait "
  11. I m 28 July 2017.
  12. I call them everyday. Literally everyday. Every time I got the same thing: just wait patiently. However there are few agent will help me by sending requests to the department. But the others are not so friendly. Anyways, I guess it works eventually.
  13. I am Nov 23 2017 inland
  14. It seems like Jan-Jul 2017 for some reason was the worst time to apply. The scariest thing is when someone who applied in Jan-Mar 2017 says that they are still waiting! I'm completely lost now, I do not even know what to do. I emailed MP a month ago, but he did not even reply. I requested CSIS and CBSA note couple weeks ago, but do not expect to get anything valuable.
    I'm June 29 application
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  15. I'm inland waiting!

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