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PNP New Brunswick 2018 invitation ITA

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mhey Jyn, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Hello guys!! I created a thread to all those who received thier ITA this year. Let's connect here and share your status.

    EOI - May 01 2018
    ITA - June 11 2018
    status: gathering of documents ; target to submit on july 10.

    Please feel free to ask questions and share your experiences!
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    Hi Mhey,

    I guess we are in the same situation here. But why you plan to submit your docs on July 10. That's too long..

    EOI - May 01 2018
    ITA - June 11 2018
    Docs Sent - June 15 2018
    Docs Received in Fredericton - June 21, 2018
    AOR - June 22, 2018

    Hopefully I will be nominated.

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  3. Hello guys, please how do i know when there is an information session for NB coming up and where?
  4. Is there a group i can join, a whatsapp group where i can get update on nominations and information sessions.
  5. @jonahsule I just read in the CIC News on May 1, 2018, that NBPNP has temporarily opened the acceptance of an EOI. It was not even published on the NBPNP website.
  6. Hello!
    EOI - May 2018
    ITA - June 12 2018
    Docs sent - maybe June 29

    Still compiling docs because we need proofs of common law and bit complicated because of same sex and because at the same we were both sent by our companies to attend training for 2 weeks abroad.

    Is it ok to just send a bank letter with the transaction history is just printed from online? We asked our bank bpi and they said it will take a week to get the statement of 6 months. We can print from online, im just not sure if it will be accepted. In the letter it already says the avg balance, date of opening, etc.
  7. Hi, you can do that but you have to attach an explanation letter why you cannot send original bank statement. Bank statement for 6 months can just be printed and stamped can be done in a second.

    Anyway, there is still time for you to gather all the requirements.
    Note that as per the ITA, full documents should be received by NBPNP within 45 days from the ITA email, hence your docs have to be received on 28 July 2018; less the shipping time approximately 7 days. You have to send by 20 July 2018 or earlier.

    Hope this helps
  8. We are still compiling the reference letter from previous
    companies. HRs are not helpful, keep on delaying our requests. Anyways, just claim it! You will be invited soooon...
  9. Pls check thier website every now and then.. they will update it if they have new sessions.. from what country are u from?
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  10. I believe there are some what up group but I have not encountered yet.. hopefully someone will share the links..
  11. Hi!! As long as you have the cert that shows the balance then you can attach the print out. Anyways, i tried it with my bpi account and i cannot generate the 6 months.. so i not planning include it in pof.
  12. Hi! Regarding the copies of the passport that you sent, did you also sent a copy of your expired passport?
  13. Actually in my case I have 4 passports in total (3 expired and 1 valid) all pages of each passport I make copies. I really don't know if expired ones are required because as per the Document Checklist Page 4 it only asked you to send all pages of your passports it doesn't say expired. But to be safe and no regrets later I send them all my passports copies.
  14. @Mhey Jyn where is your intended destination on NB?
  15. Fredicton. U?

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