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Please share your experience about Criminal Rehabilitation application in 2017

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by seekingCR2, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Not yet. I applied under express entry but my CR application was approved before i sent my PR. What about you?
  2. I applied for family sponsorship in February 2017 a year later I got a procedural fairness letter for DUI in USA I already applied for criminal rehabilitation in April 2018, and my PR application was stopped and Until this date the official did not confirm that they received my application of CR, is very frustrating this situation
  3. I applied for family sponsorship in July, 2017. I had previously been to Canada on a IEC in 2011. I declared my driving criminal conviction in 2011 and in 2017.

    I applied for Rehabilitation in 2017 just in case I needed to. I couldn't get ETA for tourist to enter canada while I wait for my PR visa due to criminal conviction. - I was not rehabilitated correctly in 2011. I was never asked by immigration to apply for Rehab as they kept saying they will be in touch. To avoid last minuet applications and delays I submitted a rehab application just in case on May, 2018.

    I was approved for Rehabilitation late June and my PR application was approved on the 27th July.
  4. Congratulations!! My CR was approved in May 2018 and then i applied for PR under express entry FSW. It's been 56 days. Medical passed. Still in IP1 stage. lets see when they are going to approve it
  5. Congratulations Man!
  6. Thanks everyone. I was told that I would receive a AOR but never did. A positive result. I was surprised to see DM on my PR application so soon after CR approval.

    Good luck everyone
  7. Has anyone of you guys apply for rehabilitation from within Canada?
  8. Hello there
    Do you have an idea on how could someone can get all these docs if the offense was committed in USA but the person isn’t there anymore?I just know that I can request an FBI report online but more than that I have no idea how to get the history of my case since I don’t have any docs with me.
  9. You have to get police clearance certificate from every state in USA where you have lived during your stay. You need to get your fingerprint printed and send them with fee. If you search online then you will find contact for police clearance certificate for each state. many state has third party service. Check out IDENTOGO but i am not sure they are in other countries or not. If not then just go to any police station and get your finger print printed out on hard card then send it to appropriate address that you can search online. I hope it helps. Good Luck
  10. Thank you very much for your reply I really found it helpful since I didn’t have an idea that I was able to request it online, that sounds great. :)
  11. By the way, besides of police clearances and FBI report, do you know how could I get these docs as well?
    -*Each court judgement made against you which must clearly show the charge, the section of the law under which you were
    charged, the verdict and the sentence
    -*The foreign or Canadian laws under which you were charged or convicted. You can obtain copies of foreign laws by contacting local police authorities, lawyers, the courthouse where the offence occurred, visiting your local law library, or searching the Internet. If you need information about another country, their local embassy or consulate may be able to help you
    -*Any documents relating to sentence imposed, parole, probation or pardon; e.g. court records, judge's comments (including recommendation concerning parole), probation or parole reports, certificate of rehabilitation, letters of recommendation from public officials or respected private citizens, etc. These documents must clearly show when your sentence was completed
    Thanks again for your value.
  12. You should have it when the court gave you punishment otherwise there is a service for each court. You can pay and request to the clerk. Canadian law you will have to google or contact any attorney or put your offense at attorney forum and you might get an answer from them.
  13. Thank you I will do that.

  14. hi thank you for sharing your timeline.
    i also just sent my application for rehabilitation this week to manila VO. did you get an approval already?
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  15. Hi, does criminal rehabilation only applies to those who are convicted or charged? Thanks

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