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Passport to New Delhi VO .. let's connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by CanadaImmi2015, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Many congratulations to all... I have a question which i believe you all can answer..

    I have seen in most PPR mails, it states the the Name and address of the studio is required behind one Passport photo along with your name, D.O.B and the date the Picture was taken... is this true..?

    If it is how are you getting it done.. I'm in B'lore and had taken the Picture from GK Vale studio.. Do I need to go back to him and get him to stamp it..?? or I take a fresh Picture at the VFS office.. and send it for stamping..?

    Please advice... Thanks in advance..
  2. Hi,

    You can write the information by Pen at back of 1 photo, Stamp is not mandatory.
  3. hi all,

    i submitted my passport to VFS here in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The Canadian Visa office is in another city, Riyadh. My tracking information says;

    'Visa application, tracking ID No.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your application has been forwarded to Canada Visa Office in Riyadh on 03/03/2016.To know more, please call VAC helpline number or visit VAC website.'

    Does this mean my passport has been forwarded to the Canadian Embassy? or does it mean my passport is at the VFS office in Riyadh still?
  4. Hey , most of the times the good studios they know about this procedure, once you tell them about the purpose n specifications of the photo.

    Mine was in Delhi last week, n my studio stamped his name n address and even stamped the address.. he told us this is required , in case the VISA office wants to check if the person came in person for the picture clicked, n the photo is not doctored.

    Its pretty common practise , so don't worry .. in Delhi VFS office doesn't have a studio so no clue about that..

    Best of Luck..
  5. Thank you... Much appreciated.. :)
  6. Hey,
    I see that you uploaded PCC after ~3 months from AOR. Any progress after the upload? I want to know if they send a passport request immediately after we upload FBI PCC (as rest of the things would have been already verified by them earlier).
  7. Anyone here who sent the pp from pune to delhi via VFS. HOw long it takes in this case?
  8. Hi Guys, Got my PP back today after Visa Stamping and CoPR..

    Anyone else too with the same timeline? We can exchange prep on landing..
  9. Hi Amairaa,

    you are from which city in India?
  10. Delhi.. U ??
  11. Hello all,

    This question might sounds silly or may be I am just paranoid.
    I received passport request a few days back and submitted through VFS. But while submitting my passport I wrote my name and date of birth on the back of two photos whereas it was mentioned in PPR that I have to write it on one photo. do you people think it may cause any problem?

    Thanks in advance
  12. I was in Delhi when I started the process, but now moved to Pune, so sent my PP from Pune to Delhi using VFS.
  13. Hi Guys

    I have submitted my PP for stamping on 22nd-Feb-2016 (Details in my signature)

    MyCIC application moved to Approved and Closed on 4th-March-2016

    I called the VFS and NDVO today but did not get any reply. :(

    I know it is early, I still need to wait. Anyone has any other suggestions?
  14. Passports sent last week to NDVO. Got the visas stamped and COPRs back today. :)
  15. Friends

    I am in a confused state of mind...I got PPR last to last week and submitted my paasport via VFS to NDVO on 2 Mar and the status on file showed "Approved".

    I am still waiting for the passport to come back but the status on the CIC account has changed to "Not Started".

    I am a bit worried...Can someone kindly advice...Is the an issue?


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