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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I was able to link my account on my CIC. It shows submitted and estimated time left for processing is 21 months.

    Thank YOU for your help!

    I am going to try to link for the sponsor as well. I am a May17th applicant. No AOR yet.
  2. as per tracker May 22 getting Ecas update >> wait few days more (2-4 days)
  3. you're 168 ;) @robertp
  4. Hello @YULIA-2016

    Can you update line 236. ECAS is showing application received and Linked application to MyCIC.
  5. When did you sent it out? I used Canada Post Express. Though Canada Post it said received by June 12th. But never received any emails/mails from CIC to confirm. ECAS is not working for either sponsor's UCI or PA's UCI
  6. Just writing this to Thank @YULIA-2016 and @robertp for managing the tracker and also all the experienced members of the forum for helping out everyone with queries.

    Let's keep the positive energy up. Hoping for good things for everyone in the forum.
  7. Without the rep form they will not disclose it. The applicant is your parent and to disclose anything regarding the app they need authorization from the applicant. You are a sponsor, not a rep yet.

    your parents can contact them directly to get the info you're looking for.
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  8. Please Add my updates in the tracking sheet
    Sponsored People: Mom
    Parents Country of Citizenship: China
    Province: SK
    Invitations Receive Date: April 24, 2019
    Application received in Ottawa Date: June 12, 2019
    AoR Received (DATE): -
    Ecas Status for Sponsorship Application and PR : -
    Sponsorship Decision Made Date: Biometric request date : -
    MyCIC update: -
    @YULIA-2016 @robertp
    Thank you! This is an awesome forum
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  9. Based on previous posts you were 10K short and seem to have created 10K of income from 2016 that you did not earn. You should be refused because you never qualified in the first place.
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  11. ?
    110% refusal ! They don't care , if your father wants to come or not. If they make exception which will not happen, your mother gets PR and she turns around & sponsor your father under spousal sponsorship, cic will have to process. I am not saying your mother will do that & I trust you but CIC has black and white...no grey area.
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  12. If you got bio request yesterday. Didn’t it change to decision made today?
  13. Not yet.
  14. Did you notice any change in mycic under eligibility review?
  15. It will be refused. You have to qualify for with income for all dependent of the PA, regardless if they are coming now or not.
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