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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. That's the reason you said have read the guide carefully before submitting the application. Why you want to make your life miserable by not submitting the representative form? There are some who didn't even submit the SIN number and some who submitted two sets of forms. This is called negligence on your part and shouldn't challenge the system by saying ohh My CIC said correspondence was sent on my name. Just go by the book and make your life easy.
  2. Nope, they are exempt. Called CIC few times, spoke to different agents and can confirm. If the sponsored persons were in Canada at the time you filed/submitted the application, they are exempted that is they DO NOT need to provide biometrics
  3. Hi , I applied for parents sponsorship in June 2019 ... it was received ..wanted to check if there is anyway i can track the status on this application ?
  4. @robertp

    Please update line 169, received biometrics requests today Aug 13. Thanks!
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  5. Not yet

  6. hey did you see this update in the morning or did it just got updated right now?
  7. Hi, anyone from Pakistan received request for biometrics/medical.
    I do not see any one in the tracker so far.
    Unlike other nationalities (china/india) where there is request for Biometrics/medical/pcc. Is the process difference for different LVO?
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  8. For overseas, you'll have to use webform. But I'm sure you'll just get a generic response for your case because it's still well within posted processing time.
  9. Thank you. Yes, I'm aware. Possibly the fastest in years. Anyway, I think her passport should be returned by next week. At that time, I'll make a final update.
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  10. Tomorrow your Ecas will update to DM
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  11. in tracker line # 21 received PCC Aug 2nd
  12. I hope you are right as according to this forum many parents received biometrics requests events though they are legally living in Canada for many years
  13. Thanks.
    Thats only PCC and perhaps one case out of many in the list.
    Thats why I am curious if cases from Pakistan have received Biometrics and Medical?
    There are many applications from Pakistan in the list, non with medical or biometrics yet.
    Seems like the process is different from different LVO.
  14. Experienced friends, please advise what will be the next
    Today I called IRCC. the agent was really nice. She told me my application was received on May 24 and 4 days back it was checked for completeness and ready for creation.

    I am not able to check ECASE up till now
  15. Thank you so much for your Expart opinion. Can you please explain the word Negligence, I may learn something from your Wisdom.
    I did not want to to submit the Use of representative Form because my parents are capable of representing themselves. All i was asking about the letter that they have sent to me( as per the ECAS) not to my parents. I think i do have right to ask the CIC about it since they have sent it to me. For your information they are currently working on the sponsorship application not the PR application.

    Kind Regards
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