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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. This is thread to share information and timeline for Parents and grandparents Sponsorship in 2019. There was another thread which got spammed by many users and got removed.
  2. Please let's all behave in this new thread and only post stuff related to PGP 2019 (NO side posting about health care, politics etc etc). That way people can actually really contribute in this thread. Thanks to all.
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  3. yes this was the reason previous thread got deleted because people started to discuss the topics related to different countries and regions. I am still waiting to see The new Forms for 2019 so i will get to know about required documents. Not sure if someone got the Invitation to apply yet or not after the intent to Spenser.
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  4. I was part of the ones that couldn't submit EOI on January 28th. But still want to be kept on the loop of what it is going on with PGP 2019 just in case the 20K spots cannot be filled with the 27K accepted EOI and there is another round of EOI later this year. If not will be applying for PGP 2020.

    On another note... There is no new forms for 2019 out yet. They only have changed the Checklist as of Feb 2019 (It looks like this will be the checklist document for the PGP 2019).
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  5. When and how CIC announces reopening of EOI for 2019( just if CIC did not get 20K potential candidates)
  6. There is no given date yet for reopening EOI for 2019. I think it will be after they will process 27K and if completed applications are less then 20K then there will be another round. There is 60 days to submit the complete application form after EOI Response. So i will say at least 4 to 6 months more before EOI will open again in 2019.
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    I think just keep eye on the invitation page and Social media of CIC . There may be another round soon if they can't find 20K Completed Application. Specially for the income requirements for LICO because i have seen confusion in people when it comes to how to Count family size for LICO. So best of luck. I could not believe it was finished within 8 to 9 minutes of opening.
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  8. It seems logical that 2019 guide and forms comes before ITA . Can anyone shed light on this ?
  9. Usually CIC updates forms between Feb and March so i will assume they should update forms soon. Some of the forms are not limited to parents and grandparents Sponsorship. Generic forms get updated by time periods. We will just need to make sure when we submit application then we use latest forms.
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  10. Does the confirmation number tell the sequence of our interest form?
  11. Not really. Just guesses.
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  12. Any idea wen will CIC start sending invitations to those were able to sucessfully submit their interest? TIA
  13. Most probably after the people filed their 2018 taxes.
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  14. Last year, more than eighty thousand people submit the Interest and out of those only around four thousand were eligible. So IRCC has to go for another round. This year too, there were people who were playing darts in the dark.
    Because IRCC never asked for proof of Income, everyone tried their luck. I bet you there are people who got the Confirmation emails but they do not qualify for sponsorship.
    Also, it will come as a surprise who didnt even double checked and hit Submit.
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    Confirmation number is just Unique Identifier generated by computer system. The actual sequence for interest to sponsor is based on the Timestamp while submitting the form which is counted in Milliseconds usually .

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