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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. my case has been stuck at IP stage since June 12th.My application was received on April 30th.
  2. tag @YULIA-2016 and @robertp to add your info in timeline
    • Sponsored People: 2
    • Parents Country of Citizenship: Philippines
    • Province: MB
    • Invitations Receive Date: Apr 24, 2019
    • Application received in Ottawa Date: June 20, 2019
    • AoR Received (DATE) :
    • Sponsorship In process Date:
    • Sponsor ship Decision Made Date:
    • Biomatric / IME / PCC date :
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  3. Anyone has a sample letter request for Police Certificate?
  4. Can you apply for PCC without providing 'CIC letter asking for PCC' to BLS? I called their customer support and looks like they want to see the letter. Anyone else had different experience/conversation?
  5. They say 10 business days, but my friend got it in 5 days. passport delivered at home.
    • Sponsored People: 2
    • Parents Country of Citizenship:India
    • Province: ON
    • Invitations Receive Date: Apr 24, 2019
    • Application received in Ottawa Date: May 28th
    • AoR Received (DATE) :Not yet
    • Sponsorship In process Date:
    • Sponsor ship Decision Made Date:
    • Biomatric / IME / PCC date :
    My parents ar on Super Visa
    Can you add and let us know on timelines
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  6. Hope we will see some from May 6 go into "In process" today.
    Barring exceptions, seems there was a flood of medical requests yesterday for application up to 3rd May.
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  7. No they don't need the letter, my friend applied 2 weeks ago and got it in 5 to 6 working days.
  8. On same boat, Stuck in Application received April 30th in Ecas, no documents requested yet.
  9. I just called them again and to quote "If you are on visitor visa and applying for PCC, we need to see the letter from CIC. not when you are on Work/student visa"
    Your friend applied for himself or for the parents?
  10. I believe they want to see the letter from CIC where it says please provide PCC.
  11. Talk to a consultant just yesterday and he mentioned that if the agent find any thing she is not sure, she will put a note to review it later in 30-90 days so the file went to sleep mode while the process other cases and will remind her later. This is extremely unfair I believe and you can only find it out if you get the CAIPS notes when they put something like "check later in 30 days" code. For now I am worried any case before 3 May that have not heard anything maybe in sleep mode. The problem is if we request for CAIPS notes then it takes 90 days to get a response which is too late to find out. I would not bother checking this any more, the whole process is so unfair, any minor issue will put your application to bottom of the queue. Maybe we just need to wait and let fate decide, if our parents can join us then we can be happy, if not just be patient.
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  12. Yes! That's what they are looking for. Guess we will have to wait then.
  13. I second you and feel for you - I am going through same, and just thinking about this process gives me heartburns.
  14. We have 78 entries in the sheet with application delivered between 26th April to 3rd May. 27 are sponsor approval, 22 are in-process and 29 are app received or not available. So only on third of applications delivered before 3rd May are decision made. I know other two third are bit anxious but I hope we get SA soon.
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