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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Early last our SV was only renewed for a year. We were told that as our PR sponsor had been approved we should become PRs within the year. Fortunately she was right.
  2. The petition link was in my quote. Here it is again. https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-739

    As of today, after nearly 4 months, there are just 570 signatures.
  3. The petition is in the hands of the minister at this time... we were told to expect a response soon. This issue affects from the sounds of it 80-90k applicants this year. We need them to support this...

    Saying it isn't well supported helps no one. Help me gain more support for this. FYI the minimum required for a response was 500... which took some doing to make happen. I would appreciate if you would keep that in mind. Help make it 5000... that would be great.
  4. Thanks for the link again; yes.. very low. I wonder if a new petition regarding the overall outcome of this lottery will generate more numbers. 85000 people did just get rejected.
  5. So... do something about it... help us gain more support... Saying it is poorly supported is a) not helping the cause b) not a solution :)

    Sign it, share it, call your local news office and get some time on the air. I have done this with AM640, 560 and CTV News. Obviously it isn't important to many who have never had to do something like this. We need to reach those who got the rejection emails...and even those who got acceptance that know how it feels to have their lives reduced do a lottery.

    Please help in any way you can.
  6. You can't argue with people who wear tinfoil hats.
  7. Yes received an email this morning for submission of application. Got through the lottery process 2017. Really HAPPY
  8. Though I got a positive response, I do feel that this process has not been effective in terms of time it took and the cost incurred, and the disappointment it brought to the thousands of people. Hopefully, the government wil take this as a learning experience and make it better in the coming years. There was a time when there was no yearly quota for sponsoring parents, and people were applying throughout the year! This has changed now but I'm glad that the system still allows to sponsor parents. There are many first world countries that do not even provide this "privilege" as they call it!
  9. yes we are here to support, did you post this on another forum, there is lot going on their ...
    the petition is old, do we need a new one after the lottery yesterday ?
  10. You should note that had that system continued, wait times for parents to get PR processed would have exceeded 20 years due to an ever increasing backlog. Nothing to do with speed of processing apps, but instead the quota of how many parents PR visas were allowed to be issued each year.
  11. That was exactly my point sir!
  12. How to get/recover the Confirmation number if somebody has lost it?
  13. I did not get any kind of mail ..... what email ID they are sending .
    I can check in my spam box too.
    pls advise
  14. Another draw should be held when the people not eligible once their applications have been looked at are thrown out. Also there must be a lot of people who do not apply within the 90 days therefore leaving places available for us that are waiting. Aren't the 10,000+ places filled each year?
  15. Agree, or allowing people to submit first come firsr serve till 10K is reached

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