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P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by jez.s009, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am and EIT member with APEGA and planning to appear in NPPE exam in a couple of months. I have not started preparing for the exam yet. Has anyone on this forum recently appeared in the exam and can guide me through the process. I will also appreciate if anyone can direct/share useful study material in order to prepare for the exam.

  2. Anyone whose application is pending had status changed or was approved, please provide an update!!!
    In my case, still stuck in Internal Review since Feb 27th.
  3. Finally after more than 2 months, my application moved from “Internal Review” to “Academic Examiner” stage.

    Does anyone know how long is academic examiner stage for international applicants with non-CEAN degree???
  4. me too , stuck in Internal Review since Feb 28th and today moved from “Internal Review” to “Academic Examiner” stage. I read somewhere in the internet that it will take less than week if everything perfect .Then the application go to Experience examiner before reaching the board meeting
  5. Hopefully the application moves quickly as you mentioned....fingers crossed!
  6. Hi Zombi,
    in my application ,now the “Academic Examiner” shows completed but it came back to “Internal Review” again!!!!
    what about yours?
  7. It still shows “academic examiner - In progress”
  8. Did you contact your application coordinator about the status being reverted to “Internal Review”???
  9. yes ,and the reply was "Unless we contact you for more information, your application is on track for processing"
  10. It sucks! Paid $500 and stuck with these guys for next several months:(
  11. My application status changed back to “Internal Review” this morning.
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  12. My status changed to “Case to Board - Aug 2018” today
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  13. Hi there,,
    My application is in academic review with APEGA for EIT since February. could you share your timeline here? How long did it take for you to complete academic review?
  14. I am still internal review but thanks you gave me hope
  15. Hi Issac;
    in my case time is counted after the completion of Reference Questionnaire by my previous supervisors and managers.
    Reference Questionnaire completed : 27-Feb
    Internal Review : 27-Feb
    academic review started : 10-May
    academic review completed 16-May
    Internal Review 2nd time :16-May
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