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Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Its been 216 days for me... What do yoh think, SithLord?
  2. Well, all theories and observations about the working pattern of ircc has failed...... They are working in a very random manner...... Some people have not reached 6 months completion date, but they rcvd ppr..... And some like us are here, who have crossed 200 days..... Without any information about our file

    We wake up every morning with a hope to find some update..... But nothing changes .........

    So either be patient enough...... Or the easier way is, to just forget about it......
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  3. Yeah... The waiting kills...

    What is your AOR, please?
  4. I'm afraid people who crossed 200 days belong to the unlucky group.

    Sorry!! There is absolutely no way to tell when you can expect PPR. It's a long waiting game
  5. Nov 4th
  6. Oops... this is unfair
  7. I was wondering .. do we have at least some statistics to just maybe guess our chances ... does all the ottawa cpc wait more than 8 months ? 90% of them ? or what ?
  8. guys do you any ottawa cases who have received the ppr before the 6 months ? and before the 8 months ? we should have some statistics
  9. Does anyone have any clue about how applications waiting in queue for review by an officer are processed? Do officers just pick up cases randomly from queue or are these cases assigned to a specific officer and are awaiting in his queue?

    Surely cases that are awaiting final review by an officer must be in the same queue as to other cases that are receiving PPR in a day or 2 or even a week.
  10. U think anyone has answer to that.... It's so unpredictable and demotivating now......
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  11. It is unpredictable and strange ... they didn't ask me for any ADR and my AOR is 17th Oct 2018. 8 months waiting and i'm still on "queue for review by an officer ".
  12. This is exactly what I don't really understand about this "queue"

    What do they really mean by queue? Our cases are in queue of an assigned officer or we are in some queue and an officer surfs through the queue and picks up a random case to work on.

    Surely, there has to be some kind of a system they follow when it comes to this queue.
  13. I’ve been looking at my immi tracker. Ottawa seems to be handing out many pprs these past few days. Fingers crossed!!
  14. You really need to order GCMS note to know what's going on. I suspect most applications "on queue" have been escalated for review by a senior officer who has a mouthful to chew already, hence the wait.
  15. I have ordered it.

    Will be funny if they mark me for RR after asking ADRs

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