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Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Is your application being processed at the case processing centre in Ottawa. Lets meet here. we share our application timelines and follow the processing speed of the centre.

    My timeline
    AoR: 13/12/2017
    NA1: 13/12/2017
    MEP: 21/12/2017
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  2. I am sailing in the same boat.. I got the below message on my VISA office inquiry:
    Good day,
    Please note that your application is being processed at the Case Processing Centre in Ottawa as per our regulatory timeline. Please note that we cannot confirm when your file will be ready for finalization.

    My timelines are a little different.
    AoR: 27/12/2017
    NA1: 27/12/2017
    MEP: 11/01/2018
    IP1: 11/01/2018
    NA2: 17/01/18
  3. Please also share your document required status message in addition to the timeline.
  4. It states that "the additional documents you provided as still being reviewed"
  5. My additional document status is "we do not need additional documents". Can ypu please share if it signifies anything?

    Aor - 24th dec
    Mep - 10th jan
    Ip1- 11th jan
    Na2 - 12th jan
  6. What are your streams? I got an exact message from them. I am PNP outland, AOR Dec 14, NA2 since Jan 10. Thx
  7. I'm FSW outland applicant.
    Anyone have any idea about if its standard process that all applications go to CPC Ottawa office at NA2 stage?

    Is there a chance that my application will be moved to LVO in future?
  8. Btw do you guys have a US or a Canada Visa stamped?
  9. No i do not
    Have a US or Canada
  10. Ok sure, I have a vaild US visa which CIC inquired about in additional documents and I in the impression that is why the file is being transferred to CPC ottawa.
  11. does anyone know if the medicals that u submit once u submit the application get expired bcz its been 10 months for my brothers application, do we just wait until cic requests for them again ?
  12. E
    medical reports expires in 12 months. I am sure they will ask you for another one if you cross
    12 months period. Thx
  13. AOR Nov 29
    NA 2 since December 20th.
    ADR for US PCC submitted on January 8th
    Additional documents are still being under review.
  14. thanks..his medical expired last week lets see when they ask for new ones
  15. Hello,

    Count me in, i'm a FSWO my application is processed at CPC-O and stuck in security check, had the damn email status inquiry saying "we need additional verifications"

    My timeline
    AoR: 13/11/2017
    NA1: 14/11/2017
    MEP: 28/11/2017
    NA2: 04/12/17
    IP2: 18/12/2017
    PPR: seems never gonna happen :/

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