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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone, please could someone help me in this forum, I am a young graduate from Ghana who would like to immigrate to Canada in order to pursue his academics and if possible work. can I get a personal assistance
  2. Hi Godfirst Louis,
    The path to Canadian Immigration is a robust one. One which you can DIY. You can read up more on www.canada.ca. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get back here to ask specific questions. We would do as much as we can to ensure you have a smooth application.
  3. Give it a little more time. God willing, the Golden mail would come sooner than you expected.
  4. Thank You very much,
  5. Y
    You are welcome
  6. Any updates?
    My ADR status changed from being reviewed to we don't need additional documents few days ago. Don't think it means much though. BG is still NA2.
  7. Do you happen to remember how long it took for the ADR status to change to in review after you uploaded them?
  8. Don't remember for sure but it was a couple of days, less than a week a I think.
  9. Aha, it's been more than a week but the status is still "we need additional documents " getting a little worried

    Thanks for your information
  10. Actually mine changed next day from we need additional documents to smt like your documents have been uploaded. Btw I uploaded PCC from US
  11. I uploaded the same thing. :(
    Guess I have to be patient.
  12. They say those status changes don't tell you where you're at in the process. I want to think differently but I'm afraid that's just what it is. We have to wait and try not to think about it. Which is very hard to do especially when you're short on time.
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  13. Ottawa VO is known to treat applications fast. I hope we see the golden mail this week.
  14. do update if there is a movement
  15. Moved to IP2 on 23/01/18

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