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Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Any movement people?
  2. hi guys,
    My additional documents now reads: "We need more documents to continue processing your application" and I've got no mail from CIC nor see any changes or place holder in my application. Is this a glitch in the system or this means something? This change came few days after i ordered GCMS notes.
    Some weeks before ordering the notes, I got ADR and uploaded the response 2 days after. since the upload of the response, my additional document read " The documents you provided are being reviewed".
    Any idea as to what is happening?
  3. The Document Review has been completed. This is definitely a good sign. I had to go through the same procedure also. But i am still in Na2. I see you are in IP2..so may be PPR is just round the corner. Good Luck!
  4. AOR : 15TH DEC
    RPRF request : 4th jan
    Paid same day
    NA2 : 5th Jan
    At NA2 Ever Since then.
    Case Processing Centre : Ottawa.
  5. What exactly happens at Case processing centre ?
    What all checks take place ?
  6. They carry out background check and make final decisions. And we both have similar timeline and Visa Office. My AOR Dec 14 and NA2 since Jan 10.
  7. My RPRF letter said " admissibilty in progress " . What did yours say ?
    And what background checks take place ?
  8. May I know what was your timeline?
  9. AOR : 14TH Dec
    IP1 : 18th Dec
    ADR1 : 18th Dec
    ADR2 : 3rd Jan

    Request for GCMS on 15th feb
    16th feb changed to "We need more documents to continue processing your application. We will send you a message with more details." from "your document has been uploaded"... On the same to changed to MEP few hours later and later changed to NA2 again..
  10. I paid everything upfront. So i didn't get any emails as such.
  11. Sure.
    Stream PNP
    AOR DEC 14
    IP1 not sure when
    Jan 4 ADR
    Jan 8 ADR Uploaded
    Jan 9 ADR being reviewed
    Jan 10 NA2
    Jan 30 we dont need additional Docs
    No updates after that.
  13. Medical
    Do let us know about your GCMS notes. Since we almost have the same timeline it and Visa office. I will update you if there is a progress in my application. Thx
  14. Hello everyone!

    I have received an updated after contacting CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca that says the following:

    "Please note that your application is being processed at the Case Processing Centre in Ottawa as per our regulatory timeline. Please note that we cannot confirm when your file will be ready for finalization."

    My application was previously in Sydney Central Intake Office.

    For your information, I needed a PCC request letter and submitted the PCC. Since then, I have been having the "IP1" status (25 days now with no update to the background status). I am Federal Worker Outland.

    The application also says the following: The additional documents you have provided is being reviewed.

    Background: Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.

    My AOR was at 31st of December. I submitted the PCC 25 days ago but still at IP1.

    Can you please inform me about what is happening? Is this email an indication of any progress or is it nothing?
  15. y
    You documents are still in review. It will change to no doc required once the review is complete. and it takes a while to change.

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