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Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Astounding18, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. My timeline
    AoR: 13/12/2017
    NA1: 13/12/2017
    MEP: 21/12/2017
    IP2: 23/01/18
  3. Any news from CPC Ottawa for anybody?
  4. Additional documents being reviewed to not required on Tuesday. Still in NA2 since Jan 10.
  5. Did you upload anything?
  6. No it changes to not required, once the uploaded docs are all accepted.
  7. My application was also processed in CPC Ottawa. It did not go to any LVO and only after the PPR request, I was asked to submit my passport in my LVO (Singapore).
  8. Yes of course. They asked me my travel history and personal history.
  9. When did you receive PPR?
    Passports are submitted to the nearest VO to where you reside.
  10. Any updates guys? Do you have any changes on your BG?
  11. Sitting in NA2 since December 20th. Yesterday decided to order gcms notes.
  12. Do let us know once you receive it. Thx
  13. I got by PPR on Oct 16, 2017. Yes I submitted my passport to Singapore VO through VFS, as I currently reside there.
  14. My application is moved to NDVO (New Delhi office) and I'm at NA2.
  15. AOR 19-06-2017
    In IP2 since September 2017, last mail response i got was my file required additional verification i.e on 9 Jan 2018. Dont know what is going on.

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