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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mozijikuu, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Regarding your work experience, you need to mention anything from the age of 18 years old. I think you can stick to just work based on the salary you received and the taxes you paid as your employment history, but if those jobs are significant then you can mention, but if you cover those grounds it will be better.
    coming to intention to reside you can base it on the NOC you got selected for and how you could contribute to the growth of Ontatrio etc, friends you can mention but i wouldn't depend on it.
  2. No possibility of increasing the CRS. coz of age the CRS is low.
  3. Hi Bhatia,

    What about your IELTS ? And what is your Job NOC ? Maybe these factors can help your profile.
  4. NOC 0114 - it is under top listed priority occupation for Ontario. IELTS Band 8
  5. As disheartening it is for me to type I am sure it is going to be that disheartening to readers well. As of now Ontario has not released any NOIs for sept and don’t know when they will or if they will ever for this year. A couple of things you definitely should do is daily check if they have any updates on opening any streams. How old is your EE profile ? If it is more than 9-12 months I would recommend you to withdraw the current one and create a new profile. That way your profile will be in the new mix, which can increase your chances a little to be picked for the NOC you have. The idea is to stay current with the latest news from Canada regarding this. The following might bite, but see if you can hit a band 9 CLB in IELTS (cuz I have). This being the last resort :p
    Other than these check up on other provinces too, I think one of Alberta’s minimum requirement is to have a 300 + CRS in your EE profile. Check up on every province, each have their pluses and minuses.
    Hope this helps mate !
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  6. Thanks much for your help. I created my profile this Sep 2019. I will check for other provinces as well.
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  7. Ahh !!! Do not worry ! Don’t loose hope. When I never expected a NOI that’s when I got. You will get don’t worry, just be a little
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  8. Hi,

    I have a doubt. I had applied for PR through EE-CEC stream twice before. And my application was refused both the times after a long wait.
    The reason stated that
    Attempt #1: The documents I submitted to prove my job offer was not acceptable by the visa officer.
    Attempt #2: The documents I submitted to prove my foreign work experience was not having job description and / or duties & responsibilities.
    NOTE: The previous visa officer has accepted the same set of documents to verify my foreign work experience.

    In both attempts, my CRS points were reduced 50 points which was below the CRS from ITA.

    Now, I received notification of interest from Ontario on 1st Aug & submitted my documents on Aug 24th. Still the status is Submitted.
    If I get nominated this time, I will get 600 points & my CRS points will be 1038.

    I am planning to submit the same set of documents this time as well as I don't have any other option from my employers.
    My question is

    "If Visa officer feels the same that my documents to prove my foreign work experience and / or job offer are not satisfactory.
    Is there any possibility that visa officer will refuse this time stating the same reason?
    Even though I loss those 100 points, my CRS points won't go below the ITA cut off as my points will be minimum of 600. "

    Any insights from expertise will give me some clarity on this.

    Thanks in advance,
    Andavarayan M (Andy)
  9. If I would have at your position , I will hire attorney this time to file my case post PNP.
  10. Hi,

    I am doing my PNP with attorney & will continue with them for PR too. Thanks for your suggestion though :)
  11. The visa application will get info from your previous applications.

    This is what you should do:

    1. Get a colleague or supervisor or the HR (from previous employers) to write you a reference letter including your
    a. Duties (check the NOC website http://www23.statcan.gc.ca/imdb/p3VD.pl?Function=getVD&TVD=314243) to make your duties match, not verbatim)
    b. Remuneration, start date and end date, hours worked per week
    c. contact details of the person writing the letter
    d. letter must be on company letter

    2. If the above is not possible, for example some employers do not include duties in a reference letter, then get a proof from the company. An example is an email from your HR or supervisor declining to include the duties.

    3. Then submit the following documents:
    a. Letter of explanation detailing your ordeal and the attempts you have made to get your duties in letter but to no avail.
    b. Proof (mentioned above) that your duties can not be provided ( could be printed email)
    c. An affidavit from a reputable court detailing your details and your duties
    d. Offer letters, contract letters, ID card, bank statement showing your salary deposits, letter of confirmation, sack, or resignation, promotion letter, paystubs

    4. Submit these documents to OINP ( you can send by email) asap and save them for later when you get ITA.

  12. If you understood how the process works, you would not need an attorney. The info on this forum surpasses some agents’ abilities, that is if you know how to use the info.

    Did you use the agent/attorney when you were refused earlier?

    To be denied twice for the same reason shows there is something amiss that needs to be fixed. The application process is an open book exam but can be difficult.

    Let me tell you a story:

    In 2017, a buddy used an agent in SA to create a profile and get ITA. After ITA the agent demanded for additional money (1500 USD) before proceeding to PR application, he waited 60 days of the then 90 days period before his demands in order to put pressure on the applicant. He would not release his ITA details, username and password.

    The buddy heeded advice, officially cut ties with the agent, creates a new EE, got ITA, applied for PR, application approved in less than 40 days. Applicant now works and lives in Canada with his family.

    To use agent/barrister/attorney is your choice anyway but don’t let anyone lead you astray.

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  13. Hi..New to this forum and have a few queries.. I have appeared for my IELTS (CLB 9) and awaiting my ECA from WES in a week or two (Hopefully). My CRS comes to 463, however birthday due in Dec so will lose points there. Any chances of getting lucky with ITA by the time I get my ECA report and create my EE profile in coming weeks?
    Also, my NOC code is 2171, so can anyone guide me if I can apply for OINP?
    Thanks in advance :)
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  14. What is your exact IELTS score? Stop this CLB thing! (kidding) :)

    There is high possible before Dec. Has WES verified your school transcripts?

  15. Thanks. :)
    IELTS - 8.5,7.5,7.5,7
    WES is reviewing the docs. Docs were received on 09 Sep. Any idea if ECA will be completed by early Oct?

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