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Ontario PNP (OINP) 2019 Discussion Join Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mozijikuu, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Hi Dears,

    As we all would like to anticipate OINP and some lucky ones have already received notification of interests from Ontario in 2019. Lets get together here, chat, discuss, share updates, discuss our timelines, and then share good news...

    There is a good thread with info on OINP: http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/oinp-ee-human-capital-priorities-stream-comprehensive-guide-t396543.0.html prepared by rajkamalmohanram. and


    Good luck to everyone!
  2. Hey Mozijikuu! Did you go somewhere and accept the NOI from Ontario?
  3. we will accept today, and looking for what we need to deliver in
  4. How and where will you accept? Do you see any option to accept it in your IRCC profile?
  5. hi , I also received the NOI today. .

    But I don't see there is any accept link, either.... ( please let me know if you know how to do it..)

    I have proceed to go to check Ontario website and followed the instructions to create a ONkey-profile... and browsing the application form online.

    I have questions / and found some advices in the forum and hope we can also share to support each other: Please correct me anything!!

    1. work reference: for outland, as the max points is for 3 years- so I interpret it as I could just supply a work reference under my NOC to cover this 3 years, and I could still list all my work experiences since I started working.

    2. we received NOI on 14 Jan + 45 days, so the due date of submission is 28-Feb I believe.

    3. Proof of fund: last 3 months of bank statements.

    4. current questions: my spouse also submitted EOI- but hasn't get NOI or ITA yet- should it not be considered as an application? -- this is a question in the application form.
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  6. Hi Folks,
    My current score is 412. I'm considering whether to recreate my profile as it does not seem so hopeful. Recent rounds (and last year) have all pointed to OINP having scores 430+ . Do you guys think it is worthwhile to recreate my profile again?
  7. Hello Everyone. This is my first post. Good to meet you all.

    Here is my status:

    Finished my 2 year Masters in Ontario. Got my PGWP for 3 years and currently working as a administrative assistant NOC 1241 (not my field of study) full time. I've been working for 4 months now.

    I don't have prior work experience before coming to Canada. Therefore I decided to work for 1 year and apply for express entry under Canadian express class. In the mean time I am waiting for PNP master stream from Ontario Just in case to add nominee points (optional).

    Now my actual Question:

    I came across OINP - International Student Stream. Will I be able to apply for it? from what it seems do i have to ask my employer to do paper work before joining the job? I have already started past 4 months.

    What is my best course of action for my PR. I would really appreciate you advice and insight into this matter.

    Thanks to everyone in advance. :)
  8. You wont be able to enter pool without any work experience (this is considered as a minimum requirement).

    You have to continue your job until you have full 1 year experience, in the meantime, wait for you master stream. Chance to get picked is low since many candidates are waiting for this stream.

    I suggest you to gather documents like PCC, ielts test which may take you a lot time to get them done
  9. Hello Sir,

    I went through the guide for international student stream. There is no mention of any work experience, please correct me if I am wrong.

    What is PCC? i am not familiar with it.

    I gave my IELTS and got a CLB 8

    Thanks for replying to my query.
  10. hi
    what was your crs point?
  11. Hi,
    Anyone with NOC 2172?
  12. Any pointers here guys?
  13. No chance for 412. I think this will be the first and last round for HCP non-job offer, the rest are targeted draws for those with JOB OFFERS and French. If you have French skill or job offer, you may recreate but if you have none of those, please try to increase your score.
    God bless.
  14. Hi Guys,

    received the NOI as well.

    I am in the process of applying on the Ontario website, which seems pretty straightforward with basic documentary requirements.

    I have a question: i have been working in KSA for 3+ years and will arrange employment letter so that's no issue. Before that i was self employed in Pakistan and it is very difficult for me to collect the documentation for that role.

    Do i have to notify Ontario about that self employed role or can i avoid it since i don't need any additional points for that role.
    Can i declare that role but not provide any documentation for it?

    In my EE profile, i have not declared the self employed role since it serves no purpose as my current role is already 3+ years.

    Appreciate your input in this regard.

  15. Hi Guys,

    So Ontario has started issuing NOIs for OINP with the first batch rolling out on 14th Jan. 2019. If you all remember, the last time, only those who created profiles in 2018 got issues NOIs. I myself have created my profile in DEC. 2017 and missed the boat even with a score of 438 while a bunch of peeps with lower scores got issued. So, my question is, should we create new EE profiles now in 2019 discarding the current ones? My current active EE profile is created in APR. 2018.

    Please suggest. Anyone got OINP with 2018 profiles?

    Thanks for your time.

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