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Online TRV application from USA taking way too long

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by unlucky_chaser, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Applied in mid June with ample evidence for my job ties & income, as well and invitation letter from my then-fiancee. Posted processing time was 14 days, and now it's down to 11. However, we're about to hit 50 (yes, FIFTY, five zero!), with absolutely nothing happening since the the application was sent.

    Is this normal? They're not replying to any enquiries/e-mails of course...Anyone experienced this? Is it IRCC or the Los Angeles Consulate (no one's replying to my e-mail anyway)?

    Is there a cap on the processing time or can this go on forever?

    Note: I have a secure job in the US, high income, with a status that's good for years to come
  2. It's not unusual. The posted processing times are just estimates. Actual processing time can take months. There's no technical cap - unfortunately not much you can do but wait.
  3. I personally couldn't care less for Canada. The only reason I'm applying is that my wife's family is there. It's insane that customers should enter such
    Thank you Scylla.

    I guess this inefficiency is inevitable with the complete indemnity and absolute lack of transparency that IRCC have (as far as I know at least - do they have metrics or does anyone at all get in trouble for not doing their work?)

    The US for comparison, give you the decision on the spot, no indefinite waiting like this.
  4. Were you required to give biometrics? My spouse gave biometrics last month and till now his account shows we need your biometrics! No update.
    What does your status say
    Any update since you applied? How do you know it's LA or NY?
  5. Wow, clearly the staff in the US need a quick shakeup. Must be a dream job for Canadians to clerk visas, a.k.a. just chill around & eat pizzas with zero accountability. I'm surprised they are charging only $200 given the incredible cost needed to support inefficiencies.

    Funny thing, my application still says "no need for biometrics. We will let you know if that changes". Status hasn't changed all along the 6 weeks+, it's like I submitted yesterday.

    I'm sure I had biometrics done years ago so that might be something. Or maybe they're stupid enough to ask me to do them again. We'll see. My only problem is that their office is so far away from the city, and on the worst corridor of traffic.

    I believe it's LA....though neither those reply to inquiries whatsoever so that's just a guess. I imagine that West Coast is LA, East Coast/MidWest would be NY.
  6. We gave biometrics 3 years ago and we were asked to give biometrics again this time. It's my understanding that you need to give biometrics every time you apply for a visa. Funny thing my account says biometrics completed and my spouse's account says we need your fingerprints. We gave biometrics at the same time. Strange that they didn't send you the request for biometrics letter yet.
  7. They sent absolutely nothing. How did you get the letter? Mail or online? I received neither. And still waiting, no end in sight. And are you in the East or West Coast, if I may ask?
  8. O
    One more thing, if you applied online it doesn't matter LA or NY because when you get request to send passport it gives you 3 options as to where to send it: Ottawa, NY or LA.
  9. They sent an email to check my account. The letter was uploaded on my account.
    I'm on the East coast.
    Last time I applied I sent passports to NY, they were stamped in Ottawa.
  10. I'm not even dreaming that far. I only got 1 e-mail that said: "There are no updates to your application", which is hilarious...why did you bother sending? I assume it's automated....like an employee -God forbid - thought for a second to open it (it was weeks after I submitted) then remembered they're there just to get paid for doing absolutely nothing. I like to imagine them drinking a huge soda for some reason.
  11. A wait of this long may suggest some extensive background screening: military or government background, or travel to certain countries...if not you, perhaps someone in your family or someone with a similar name as yours?
  12. Are you from Europe, The Middle East or Africa? If not, you don't need to give biometrics.
    The biometrics request letter normally is sent within 24 - 48 hours from application submission.
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    That would explain the arbitrary delay....although it'd indicate a huge waste of resources on their part, as I crossed the border relatively frequently, and had excellent travel history (e.g. always accepted swiftly for visas etc)...Only been to US & Canada and one short trip to Europe in the past 6 years or so.

    I am indeed. Though I applied long ago before their current deadline. But in any case, for whatever reason, my application says I don't. The indefinite inactive wait is worse than any biometrics though.
  14. Bellaluna, you're spot on!
    I checked and you're right. I never noticed it before, but it indeed says we are doing background checks. Wow.
  15. That makes sense. In that case the delays are likely being caused by the countries Canada is trying to get information from. Unfortunately countries in some parts of the world are slow to react to information requests of this nature. Good luck - hope you have an answer soon.
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