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OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Updated Timeline:
    NOI August 1, 2019
    Submitted - August 14, 2019
    Assessment - TBD
    DIP - TBD
    Nomination - TBD

  2. Hi, After nomination and acceptance, does IRCC takes standard 6 months time for processing the applications? or PNP candidates requires lesser time as most of the documents are already processed by OINP.
  3. My crs is 425....noc 2175....Any chances of drop down in crs
  4. There are applicants on this forum who submitted their applications in October 2018.. So the "standard 6 months" is not "standard"

    PNP candidation requiring lesser time.. well, I am yet to find someone's timeline who had PNP
  5. Yes, you are right.6 months is not a standard anymore. I am looking out for members who have been through the PNP process, but did not find any!
  6. There are cases on immitracker.. lots of them.. right filters will show you the data you want..
  7. Anybody from 12 july got approval?
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  8. Hi, Is it mandatory to fill Other activities section in OINP profile if I have gap of around 3 years between my 2 jobs. I also have a gap between 2 jobs for 4 days, could i skip the smaller gaps.
  9. Yes, you need fill all days, even 4 days between 2 jobs.
    I filled all gaps between jobs with unemployment status and small explanation why I was unemployed.
  10. From what I understood, the requirement is continuous employment in last one year. Please refer 2.1.1 on http://www.mri.gov.on.ca/repository/oinp_en_hcp.pdf
    To quote from the source:
  11. Anyone whose PNP is in progress for 12th July?
  12. @Lena32 - Did you get decision?
  13. As I went through this thread, I see a lot of people's status as DIP and it has been DIP since 20 days in case of some people, so this means that the profiles might start getting approved within 30-35 days as there has been no approval yet for any person at least on this thread. Also this time overall PNP count was just 127 which is way less.

    Please correct me if my understanding is wrong :) _/|\_
  14. Still DIP

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