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OINP- July & August 2018 applications

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SumH12, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I am creating this thread to discuss timelines, status updates, questions and other details regarding applications submitted in July and August 2018 under OINP- FSSW and HCP streams.
    Kindly share.
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  2. Hi, thanks for creating this thread.
    NOI received: July 26th
    OINP application submitted: July 30th
    Stream: FSSW
    Status: Submitted
  3. Hi,
    I just realized that Ontario only asked for the personal details page (from family members’ passports).
    I attached a pdf with full passports (although in this pdf file, to be more friendly to read, I created bookmarks identifying each personal details page ).
    Is it ok? I hope that they don’t return application for something like this. :confused:
    Someone knows something regarding this?
  4. Bonjour SumH12, I don't think there any issue with it, but the best thing you can do is to give them a call. They are not going to withdraw or return your application because you sent extra documents.
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  5. dont give them extra documents to read, creates more work for them and they might get pissed off even if they dont reject your application.
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  6. Hi!

    So I got the PNP approval letter last week (application submitted on May 1, and got it July 26), and now started working on the federal application (I am not allowed to apply through EE). I am really confused about the IMM 5669 Personal History section. Do I just need to put the name of the job? Or should I specify if it is part-time or full-time? It seems like CIC doesn't really care about what exactly the jobs are I have done, but more care about what I have done and the timeline.

    Really appreciate for any help!
  7. Yes, thanks for your advise. I will be more careful. This time I got confused with the text in the guide (in the explanation about the size file, since it was 10MB, same as principal applicant). At least I put bookmarks specifically in what they asked :oops:.
  8. Hi , my application moved from submitted to assessment yesterday.
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  9. Great news @maitredufoot . Same with my application :) .

    I hope that they don’t ask additional info and that our processes continue advancing positively. ;)
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  10. Normally, how long it will take to get the nomination?
  11. I have read different times for Assessment. It is very variable, I suppose it depends of each case’s complexity. Maybe 3 weeks is the average.

    Still, it was good news that we are already in this step :) because I have read that a lot of applicants have waited a lot of time for the acknowledgement letter.
  12. Can anyone guide me how to apply for OINP or any other PNP
  13. Regarding OINP, you need a NOI (Notification of Interest) in order to apply. if you haven´t receive a NOI in your Express Entry account, you cannot apply on your own. All the information about OINP is detailed in the following link:


    I don´t know about other PNP.

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  14. K. Thanks.
    What is your status ?

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