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OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide



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Aug 14, 2020
Hello all,
I have a question regarding OINP EE PR application processing time. On the IRCC website it says the processing time for PNP based PR applications is 16 months. Does that mean it will take around 16 months after we receive the OINP nomination to get the PR?

Extra information:
I received my OINP NOI through my express entry profile. I got my OINP nomination 3 months back and got ITA 2 months back and applied for PR 1 month back and got a notification that I passed my medical exam last week.
hi did you get your PPR yet? My AOR is of SEP. please share if there is any update on your profile ?


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Oct 21, 2019
Is Ontario's PNP quota replenished? Latest news on the website says that they have finished their allotted nominations.


Nov 13, 2019

Sorry if this has been asked before. I am on a closed work permit, LMIA-exempt due to ICT. In Immigration Information, question "What type of work permit were you issued? ", should I select "Other" instead of "Work Permit supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment ", since there was no LMIA for my work permit? Thanks in advance.


Feb 2, 2023
I need a bit of advice choosing between HCP Tech and the non-EE Job Offer streams.
  1. Single inland applicant.
  2. 36 yrs of age.
  3. On PGWP expiring Jan 2025
  4. CRS = 478 (CEC only, no foreign work experience).
  5. Permanent full-time tech job (NOC 21234)
  6. 14 months of experience in Ontario

For HCP Tech (EE)-
  • Pro: Last draw's cutoff was 481, so I might have a chance with the next draw.
  • Pro: Process has sped up (observing the last few replies on this thread).
  • Con: Cut-offs may not drop, I will lose 5 points due to my age in June, etc.
For Employer Job Offer - International Student (non-EE)
  • Pro: My score is at 93-96. A draw is imminent - should meet the cutoff.
  • Con: Might end up waiting for years as it processes (non-EE) and my PGWP expires in Jan 2025.
What might be the better choice ? I know nobody can really tell but I want to weigh opinions. Thanks in advance.
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