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****OCTOBER 2019 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Laurahd, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Thanks for starting a new thread! Sent my application in today so the waiting begins! Just thought I'd post how I compiled my package if anyone needs to refer to it.. I've learned alot from the tips from alot of members here so thank you all for that! I basically just used the checklist as a Table of Contents, which was really helpful. I used 3 large transparent folders:

    Folder 1: Part A forms including checklists, barcodes + OWP Application
    Folder 2: Part B items including supporting docs for sponsor + applicant
    Folder 3: Part B more support docs, basically proof of relationship etc. Also had a little folder inside with our pictures

    I used a lot of paper clips to hold documents together and also used coloured tabs to label each section. Hopefully it will make it easier for the visa officer to look through.

    Good luck to all!
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  3. Sent mine off tuesday and watching it wind its way to Sydney.

    Most impressive organisation, plxxyp - I'm jealous. I made a cover sheet with list of all documents and did use some paperclips, but was cautious about putting in folders and doing much more as I read (or thought I read) somewhere not to use folders etc. I think I should have ignored that (and now I don't remember where I read it), as frankly absurd advice given the size of the file.

    I also haven't read as much here as I should have done about process, and now I'm paranoid - most of all whether they'll send it back (although I think I was pretty thorough, of course that nagging feeling) and getting notifications and the paper file linked up to the electronic file.

    My spouse and I have decided to split responsibilities - I'll compulsively check internet and forums and read stuff all over, and she'll just worry.

    I'll try to figure out the timeline thing in coming days.
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  4. Hi friends,

    They received my package just a few hours ago! :) I updated my info on that shared point, very useful and organized!
    Wish everyone good luck!
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  5. Don't worry I'm sure everyone's package is different; so long as it's arranged according to the checklist I'm sure it's fine.

    Good luck!!
  6. thanks for sharing! However, you did exactly what they said not to do on the website. They said only to use paper clips for documents and elastic bands for photos...
  7. I am waiting for the police check from FBI to send mine. For anyone sending OWP, remember the total fees are 100+155 so 255 CAD. Good luck everyone!

    For those who are sponsor, any of you sponsoring a PA that is on a TRV (visit) but that has proof of cohabitation?
  8. Ah yes.

    I did see that but was also reading up on this forum on how some others did theirs and got some tips on how to do it. Hopefully they don't return mine because of this
  9. No, I dont think its a reason to return it back. I cant speak from experience but I doubt it would be. Its just the tip not to use transparents sleeves, etc was in the section of common errors. Keep us posted!
  10. Hi All,

    We sent our Inland Spousal Application +OPW today, Oct 6th, 2019. Hopefully, they receive it by Oct 7th or 8th.

    Anyone sent theirs already and received the acknowledgement?

    Thank you and all the best! :)
  11. I submitted it today to CPC -Mississauga address via courier.

    Spouse Sponsorship - Inland Canada + Open Work Permit Application.

    Fingers crossed.
  12. My wife is on trv. I created my wife's driving license. This has same address as mine and opened bank account too.
  13. Just a quick clarification required:
    My wife is on Visitor Visa. I have applied under Spouse in Canada Class + OWP. Mailed the package today to Mississauga office as this is an inland package.
    PCC from India is attached. However, she has stayed just a month in Canada, therefore no pcc from here as of now.
    Hope all this makes sense and is fine :)
    Anyone ?
  14. What documents did you took to get her G1 lincense? And which location did you go to?
    My wife is on Visitor as well. Holds UK passport, so when she landed here she never got Stamp on her passport.

    Also, any1 here mind answering this baffling question that I have.

    For inland PR app, there might not be Biometric required.
    However if you apply for OWP from inland. You are required to do Biometric..
    Now you can not do Biometric in Canada, so you will be to leave Canada (Probably USA).
    So, if you leave Canada to do Biometrics and if God forbid, immigration officer does not let you back in Canada while your PR application is in process, that means you are screwed. Right?

    Did this ever happen to anyone?
    Also, when they send you instructions on where to get biometric. Do they ever send you in Canada location?
  15. Her Foreign Passport should be sufficient. Though I had visitor visa stamped on the passport but that was not asked. Try Mississauga driving centre - longside drive. Its very spacious and normally less crowded.

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