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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by baimmeb, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Do u guys know how we order CBSA notes to find out if we are in SS?
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  2. No IRCC can't control the authorities in your home country Nigeria....if your home country is being slow in providing information what can they do about it? and it is CBSA that conducts background checks asking the police and authorities in your home country about you and not IRCC... obviously you don't understand what a background check is so I advice you to read more about it so you understand what is going on
    People that received their PR already are mostly from countries that are visa-exempt and their countries easily shares information with Canada in a fast and efficient manner
    Background check can go from 1 month to over one year, average is 3-6 months
  3. Same way you order IRCC notes but instead of IRCC you choose CBSA
  4. Yeah im doing it but it ask couple questions
    Like what type of record i need
    Case file?
    Corporate record?
    I jut wanna check if im in ss
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  5. I believe you put case file and you add your immigration file number there plus your information
  6. Thank you so much
    Last question it doesn’t hurt my file to order CBSA right?
    just scared maybe they take my request negative
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  7. No, you have the right to know what is written on your file so it shouldn't matter
  8. The process is hard and frustrating, and I can't wait for the process to end just like everyone else, but what I learned through this process is patience, got to know lots of things about Canada and how things work here; people can't be naive in thinking and blaming IRCC for delays, IRCC can't control other countries...We have to understand some things are out of IRCC's control
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  9. Interesting, although i am from visa exempt country, I also lived in Nigeria for six years and why my application should take this route is very disheartening and I can’t phantom the grounds why I have to fall into this category. I am British citizen and not Nigerian.

    If I have a contact person or department in Nigeria, I am more than happy to follow up. This is just not necessary.

  10. Oh okay sorry I thought I read in your older posts that your home country is Nigeria, however, Nigerian authorities are still contacted since you lived there for over 6 months but you can't really talk with anyone to help in speeding up the process because no one can know which Nigerian offices they contacted or which people...I wish we were able to know, it would have of been much easier for many of us if that was the case
    British citizens sometimes experience delays due to the high volume of British applicants applying
    Or you might be in security screening, you can order your GCMS to check
    Hopefully you'll get good news soon
  11. We applied as married couple and still got Document Request for proof of cohabitation. I think it doesn't matter whether or not you are married to get asked more proof of cohabitation because some couple live separately even if they are married due to work or something else.
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  12. Totally agree
    As we are married but still they asked proof of cohabitation
  13. Received letter from IRCA stating that my husband will have his interview at the Hamilton office. We have not received DM on either side, but we did get this???? Has anyone else had an interview at the Hamilton office? Thanks
  14. What does the letter say? Can you share it with us so we can tell you what it means?
  15. Just wondering how you made out with sending additional proof of cohabitation. What did the immigration consultant advise? What kind of things did you end up sending them? and What was the response from IRCC, was the additional proof you provided enough? Thanks for updating us

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