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November 2018 Outland Applicants (Spousal Sponsorship)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by rissy1, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have created this thread for those of us who are sending applications this month. Please share your timelines.:)

    I am sponsoring my husband and his PR should be processed at the Port Of Spain Office Trinidad. I have completed the applications myself, as i didn't want to pay unnecessary money to a lawyer or consultant. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

    Application sent: Nov 2nd, 2018
  2. Most straight forward Outland Spousal Sponsorship follow these process steps (the order of the steps may vary)
    1. Application received at IRCC
    2. IRCC start processing application
    3. Receive Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR 1)
    4. Link Application to Online Account
    5. Sponsor Approval and File transfer to VO
    6. VO starts processing PR application (AOR 2)
    7. Receive Request for Medical Exam
    8. Medical Exam @ IRCC Panel Physician Clinic
    9. Medical Exam Result
    10. Passport Request (PPR)
    11. Pick-up Permanent Residency Visa (PUM)
    Spousal sponsorship process completion time varies depending on the Visa Office and on a case basis.......will advice you assume process completion takes 12 months to help reduce the waiting stress.......relax.....its a wait game.
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  3. My application was received and signed in Sidney on October 1st (as per DHL confirmation)
    Nothing has been yet received in terms of AOR or anything whatsoever
    I guess we still have two more weeks before any news right?
  4. Hi everybody, my husband is the sponsor and I'm the applicant (from the UK, currently in Canada but not staying for the entire process).

    Application sent: November 3rd

    Good luck to everybody on their journey~
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  5. Hello everybody. I am new here and this is the first time I post. I just passed my application last November 2 in Sydney. I am the sponsor and I am sponsoring my partner who is in the Philippines. I am applying under conjugal partnership. As I've read here in some of the forums, it is the hardest to prove. I still passed the application as our relationship is genuine. We are same sex and currently on our 9th year relationship. Good luck to as us.
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  6. Hi everyone,

    My husband is sponsoring me, I am Belgian and we both live in Luxembourg during the process.
    Application sent on November 2nd, should arrive this week.

    Good luck :)
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  7. Hello all,

    I am sponsoring my wife in the Philippines.
    Sent on November 6...

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  8. Awesome guys!

    Canada Post is on rotating strike currently, so it is taking a while for applications to get delivered. I sent my package via Canada Post xpress which was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, but the tracking is saying it will be delivered on the 13th now.

    Waiting game begins!
  9. What a shame. Correct me if I am wrong here - if my application was sent with a courier, it should be fine?
  10. Did you send it to the correct address for courrier?
  11. Hi Kohman77,

    Yes. Your application is not going to be affected once you sent it to the courier address.

    Update: My application was delivered this morning at 10:00 AM and was signed by a C Flooyd. I sent it to the PO Box, but requested a signature.
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  12. My application was delivered & signed for today ~ only one day late from the expected delivery date. not too bad considering the strikes.
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  13. That s great you are lucky already :)

    We sent our 8 days ago by courrier from Europe and it has been stuck at the border for “clearance” for 3 days now. So annoying.
  14. I sent my application via Royal Mail International tracked and signed on the 5th and it’s been sat at the “Your item is now leaving the UK” stage since the 6th.

    I’ve spoken to RM and they’re saying it’s in Canada but hasn’t cleared customs yet. Anyone else in the same boat?
  15. Mine was sent via courier and was updated to "delivery arranged no details expected" a couple days ago... which I believe means it was handed to a local courier... guess I will never know if its actually delivered :rolleyes:
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