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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

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    not certainly - could be anything minor from pof to noc to work exp - it has become common for them to put candidates under rr these days ..
    from what i have heard - ircc hired newbies who work partime or are fresh from school as case analysts and they have been instructed to put files on rr if in doubt - seems like they were hired to help speed up process but not really helping detailed files with extensive work history and travel history - helps straight forward files with no travel history and one job experience which per ircc are easy to process ..

    the number of candidates and files going under rr have increased these days compared to what they have been a year ago due to less experienced case analysts
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  2. They seem to be creating bottlenecks by passing the files through multiple hands.
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  3. i dont see any organized way in which these files are handles - it is just chaos on how files are picked and are put on hold or rr .. just a mess - its like superbowl - you pick a random file and just work - atleast glad they are supposedly working on something
  4. I'm also Nov 2 and there are also many others @amans39 @greenboymx still waiting. I believe for all us eligibility is met and just waiting for officer's mercy :)
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    When my initial estimated date passed on May 2, 2019. I was given a new due date June 11, 2019, then July 3, 2019, followed by July 26, 2019 and now fourth one will expire at August 29, 2019.

    I already said this at the beginning of the month that my fourth remainder will definitely expire and they will give me another due date for September. It is turning out to be true.

    Just be prepared for this mental torture to continue
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  6. It is indeed a mental torture man. I just wish they had some mechanism to show them the applications just gathering dust without any action for a long time. Wish next week is better for all folks waiting.
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  7. On my immitracker also the one who got ppr for aor nov 2nd is mostly The one who got it before expiration of 6 months. I havent notice anyone which got it after that. Bit strange. Lets hope for best
  8. And when I ask the agent on call for estimated date..... They always say, we can't give estimated date
  9. I spoke to two call centre agents today. First one, wasn't very helpful. She frustrated me even more with her generic responses. Basically, she was just reading what was on my online account and was clueless in providing additional information.

    After an hour, I spoke to a wonderful agent, he was very sympathetic and explained that the processing times have slowed down this year due to high volume of applications received. He understands how discomforting this uncertainty causes. The 6 month processing time is just a rough estimation and these days it is normal for an application to exceed 8 months because of the sheer amount of backlogs.

    There is no change in my status. It is still same as it was back in April -Eligibility(Recommended Pass), Criminality(Passed), Security(Not Started). My file has been untouched since April 26 but I got a new information. The agent mentioned that there was a movement in my application recently. An enquiry was made on my application through MP's line on August 20, 2019 and on the same day it was marked as file pending officer's review, due dates have expired. I'm not sure if this will lead to anything but this is the first positive update I've heard in months.

    The agent seemed optimistic but I have been on this path before so I'm not keeping my hopes high. Anyways, I continued to ask him a couple of questions about all these generic responses from CPC-Ottawa and what exactly they mean.

    "what does your application is currently in queue for a review by an officer exactly mean?"
    This is generally a final review queue. In my case, my eligibility is marked as 'Recommended Pass'. So the case analyst is satisfied with my application and has given his recommendation to the case officer. These cases are put in a queue along with other similar cases that are pending an officer's approval to proceed further. Unfortunately, once an application is in the final review queue there is no set date when the officer will review the file. Everything depends on the case officer's workload. Sometimes the review can happen in 2 days or 2 weeks or even 2 months but rest assured they will be reviewed. Once the officer completes his final review, the next step is usually passport request.

    "What does your file is currently under review and required additional verification mean?"
    This is different from the final review queue. Cases that require additional background checks for eligibility and security are placed under this queue. The security checks are carried out by third party organizations. The cases are marked with a due date before they are sent to these organizations. Once the due date has expired the case officers follow up with the organizations for an update. IRCC does not have any control over third party organizations, hence the timelines vary and are difficult to predict.

    The eligibility checks are further reviewed by the case officers and additional documents are requested wherever necessary. It is a complex procedure carried out by the case officers and also the most time consuming. They are also humans, since each case is different and with the request of additional documents it is difficult to evaluate a rough estimate to complete these assessments.

    Can an application's Eligibility status change from "Recommended Pass" to "Review Required"?
    Yes!! Recommended Pass is definitely a good thing but it does not guarantee your application will be approved. It is only a recommendation from the case analyst The final decision is still determined by the case officer once he reviews your application. However, the case officer does consider the positive recommendation from the case analyst but it does not influence his decision.

    When a remainder is sent does it have any impact on the application? Do the case officers receive these remainders? There were four remainders sent for my application but I did not get any response.
    No!! CPC-Ottawa did send you response for all 4 remainders. They did inform your application is pending final review. So the case officer did receive the remainder and is definitely aware about your application. If CPC-Ottawa does not respond to your remainder within 30 days then that means the case officer has not received your remainder

    My application has not been touched for months, so how will the case officer know my medical is expired or will expire?
    They receive notifications when medicals expire. If you do not receive re-medical request within few days then it could mean a) your background checks are still in progress or b) they are considering to extend your medicals. You may think your application has been forgotten but that is not true. They are definitely aware your medicals have expired.
  10. Soon AOR November 2019 applicants thread will be started, so my question is - should we join that thread too? o_O
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  11. I'm definitely joining it. I can't actually wait to play with these agents when I call them and say I applied on Nov 2, 2019 :D:D:D:p:p
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  12. And by the way, as every Friday for last 9 months, I go to sleep today and say "Wake me up on Monday, please", because IRCC does not work on Weekends :(
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  13. Nice work Bro.
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  14. Next week for a change you can say "Wake me up on Tuesday, please" because September 2nd is holiday in Canada :D:D:D
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  15. Good Info @SithLord , hang in there mate.
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