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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Congrats!! Atleast someone from November is getting PPR
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  2. They seemed to have released a batch yesterday. Many from January and a few from September and August got PPR
  3. January 2019 ?? The so called PPR rain never happened for us November Batch and now it seems anything can happen from rejection to a unending wait. I saw the July and August 2018 threads and I am shocked to see people waiting for 15+ months with nothing other than medicals passed. All this really dwindles my hopes.
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  4. Congratulations. Did you receive Any ghost updates?
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  5. That was how they told me I will get response by August 20th...they scammed me again...still waiting.. I called after, they said background check still in progress.. Might take weeks or even months
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  6. C
    Congratulations and good luck for future
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  7. No . Nothing
  8. Thank you.. have been following since long.. hope u get the good news soon too...
  9. There is no ppr for aor nov 2nd. Is there anyone in this thread who have got ppr last few weeks for this aor? What could i assume from this unable to understand
  10. Perhaps not in this thread, but there are 17 cases with AOR Nov 2 on MyImmitracker who already received PPR (vs 7 waiting), and let’s not forget that this thread and MyImmitracker are both just little samples from the total of people that indeed applied.
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  11. Thanks for this. Ur post has Given a ray of hope.
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    Hello lovely people. I'm a silent reader on this November thread forum & wanted to mark my presence here. Here is my timeline:
    AOR: Nov. 13
    Criminality: Passed
    Eligibility: Met
    Security: wasn't initiated as of late July
    waiting for the golden email to show up in my inbox
    & wishing everyone a speedy ppr:)
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  13. Thanks, I'll order GCMS notes. I am certain they might have put me under review due to my old rejected application 10 years ago.
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  14. Congratulations!
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  15. There does not seem to be any consistency and transparency in the information that these guys share with applicants.
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