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November 2018 AOR - Join here


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Mar 7, 2019
Coz by now, after going through so many forums, adrs, webforms, calls to the agents...... We have perhaps become all rounder...... We know the procedure more than at least some of the agents and also know how it feels to be waiting.... So we would make perfect employees for ircc


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Dec 11, 2018
I totally get you.
It is a living nightmare..but once you make peace with it, I guess its becomes tolerable.
After struggling for a month a made peace with it, and exactly a week later my file moved by God's grace.

Just hold on..almost there :)
I made peace with this almost a month ago lol :p still nothing! Anyways let’s hope by the end of this month something comes up:)


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Jun 6, 2019
Just got off the phone with the agent... File is still in Ottawa...Part of background check has been completed... Eligibility is still review required.... N date she gave me if nothing changes is October the 20th .... God bless me


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Apr 22, 2019
Visa Office......
NOC Code......
App. Filed.......
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Seriously, even I should have got my PPR on May 14th. On May 9th, the agent told me my eligibility - recommended pass, criminality passed and security not started and officer is waiting for my BG checks to complete to make a decision. According to him my application was in final stages, so a decision should be made soon. He was very confident I will get a decision before June 11, 2019

One month gone, now I wonder what new lie they're going to say this time
Yeah, exactly same here. Got a ghost update on May 3rd, called them on the 7th, she said ppr wouldn't come before 6 months, which was the 9th, but she was very confident it would be very soon. And here I am, still waiting...
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