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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Yup .... I remember the last actual ppr rain was on 9th may ... After that it is very slow
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  2. Look like PPR batch was released for December folks today.

    Guys, just forget about and move on with your life now.
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  3. Yup ... saw that ... Almost all of November applicants will cross their 200 days this weekend... So god bless us
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  4. Mine is Ottawa too,got to know from Webform
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  5. I have no hard feelings against anyone.we aren’t here comparing our cases,just here to give support:) and I understand how it is to be here while husband is already there!don’t worry this too shall pass,atleast you are in IP2..once 6 months ended can be due to medical re-exam,but some of us even on 202nd day are in IP1!
    But that’s okay nothing can be done, just have to do the routine thing we have been doing ,can’t sit and wait for an indefinite decision:p
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  6. CRS 450 odd
    NOC 2171/72
  7. Honestly, I have no clue how it's taking them so long to make a decision on pending cases.

    I'm starting to think there is just one officer assigned to us all and all our applications are in his queue.
  8. I totally get you.
    It is a living nightmare..but once you make peace with it, I guess its becomes tolerable.
    After struggling for a month a made peace with it, and exactly a week later my file moved by God's grace.

    Just hold on..almost there :)
  9. It is like " Winter is Coming" from season 1 to 8 and it came and ended in 1 night...all a myth (GOT reference):p:p:p:p

    Being hopeful still :)
  10. I feel more confident that you will get PPR before me.

    Your case has been picked up. Mine is in hell queue
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  11. @Upasana Almost there[​IMG]
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  12. I never do this but I just sent a very strong worded CSE.

    I'm not sure how this will affect my case but whatever it is it can't get any worse :)
  13. Probably... Otherwise there is no reason for such a delay... They didn’t even ask me for any ADR, therefore there is nothing wrong in provided documents too .... Call centre told me that there is a review required on eligibility but we don’t need anything from your side... I really didn’t understand what he exactly meant by that but he asked me to wait till june 21st ... So wait is the only option at the moment
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  14. I was told to wait till June 11th and here I am..
  15. Wat did u send?

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