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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Include Nov 22! :confused:
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  2. In a week medicals were cleared.
    Being hopeful now.
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  3. The darkest hours are just before the dawn ... Hang in there guys ... Good morning
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  4. Sometimes I just want to cry out of frustration whenever I get news about somebody getting PPR who has almost the same profile as mine and even the same nationality and country. :(:(:( Maybe I'm one of the unlucky ones. Every plan has been put on hold just because of this long wait, but I am trying my best to hang in there..

    I draw inspiration from each and everyone of you who's been patient enough to wait and yet chose to be positive. I will keep on hoping and praying that they pick up my file soon and PPR will be on its way! All the best to us still waiting and especially to the Elite 200+ club. Cheers!
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  5. Max of the cases are released in 30-35 days. only 10-15% are facing a delay
  6. Include November 24
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  7. They are being really considerate now:) hope they become the same for the remaining lot
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  8. Hey @Upasana
    I know how it feels when senior management expects you to go but you keep on hanging. I was in US till Jan, came back to Kolkata assuming by May I'll have my PR and kept on inquiring about opportunities in Canada. Every time my managers asked me if I'm ready to go to Canada, I said just few more days. Who knew after RPRF request on 2nd May, I still won't get PPR after 7 months since AoR? Even when, as per the call center, it is approved.
    Now my management is soo pissed off, they are sending me back to US in July for a new assignment. Returning to India in Jan, totally went into vein.
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  9. AOR - Nov 10
    MEP - Dec 14
    Ghost Update Today and BG started
    FSW Outland
    Indian residing in USA
  10. Damn. So that means it still can change :(
  11. Include Nov 23rd too :p
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  12. 19 Nov.
    Med passed 22dec And status changed to we are processing background check since 23 Dec. I Called ircc in April and the agent told me that they were processing criminity. Security hasnt started and eligibility is still processing . I have already passed my 200 days. Im a PNP Inland applicant - Ontario.
    My working visa as well as my spouse will expire next month. Still no sign of PR.
    Our life is literally put on hold right now and constantly waiting for the PR.
    Do you guys think that I should order the notes? Would this action prompt the agent to review my file? It seems to me that there hasnt been any activity since April 2019.
  13. Hello all!
    AOR - Nov 30
    MEP - Jan 10
    My application status changed to 'Application/Profile updated' when I logged into my account and again changed to 'Submitted' after some time. Also, the background check area says 'We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information'. Is this a ghost update or an IP2?
  14. @veggiedude @Shweta1289 @Priya0227 Do you guys know the visa office where your application is? Mine is still at CIO Sydney and maybe that is the reason why it's taking so long.. it is still stuck there and haven't been touched! I wonder when they will send it to Local VO.:confused:
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  15. I still feel they were forced to pick my file as my husbands medical was about to expire.
    Now once it has passed and they have extended the validity, they can surely go back to ignoring my file again..god knows!!

    Also I saw a few cases were medicals expired and still no update about re-medical and when asked were told to wait.

    Lets see what is in store. 195th day today. File moved to ip2 once 6 months crossed. Nothing had started then.
    So I am one of you, not different.
    I too have suffered waiting for above 6 months..considering my husband is already in Canada an can only see him once I get PPR and move.

    Everyone has their own sad story and everyone feels they are suffering the most!!

    I really hope your days are over soon..I too had similar feelings when I saw others file moved. I can feel you!! :)

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