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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Totally agreed ......I am Nov 2.....I have upload ADR of CV and student supplementary form on April and the message still says ....Being Reviewed .... God knows how is it so difficult to just read a page and pass it.
  2. Requested GCMS notes 40 days ago but I did not receive anything. What's the average turn around time?
  3. Even Sherlock Holmes will not be able to figure out this processing time madness. :D:D
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  4. Nov 1 still waiting
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  5. I got mine after 1.5 months, which was ordered later March. Now I consider ordering CBAS notes as security has started since Feb, nothing updated from Sydney.
  6. Nov 28 AOR here (FSW-o, India).

    Prayed to Chuck Norris

    Moved to IP2 today (first move since MEP Jan08)

    Prayed to Chuck Norris

    I tell you what...pray to Chuck Norris
  7. I can feel you as I’m in similar situation. Hoping for some miracle to happen now.
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  8. I had another ADR back in January. Before that ADR, it was "we do not need additional documents", after I submitted the documents it changed to "we are reviewing the additional documents you provided".
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  9. Finally I got my 1st Ghost Update..:p

    Passed the re-medical(12th June)

    We had submitted the web form for the form for re medical. Yesterday got a default reply that it has been received by them and today cleared medical.
    I bet they only wanted this form from us and not the reports. Because the clinic said reports would be sent within 10 working days..It is the 6th working day today from my husband's re-medical.

    Though it still shows we are reviewing the additional docs. You provided for the rep. Form we got in Jan and also we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility criteria..

    Let's see...

    But I am happy, since last week a lot of work has been done on my profile now compared to file untouched last month.

    195th day today! 5 more days to be an elite member. Let's see.:cool:
  10. Did you get a mail regarding this update?
  11. I sometimes feel this was the worst decision ever..having invested our time over this that has no definite conclusion:/
    Btw what can be the reason for being stuck at IP1 ,can it be SS or RR?I have ordered notes but it will come at the end of this month:(
    Losing all the hopes and charm for the country
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  12. Get ready. PPR is on the way :)
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  13. Hi
    Congratulations :)
    So it took less than 10 days.....
    Be ready, u might get ppr soon :)
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  14. yes, rcvd email about application updated..
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  15. Seems like no ppr batch today as well.....
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