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NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by missycreampop22, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Congratulation Dan...

  2. Congratulations Dan.........Welcome to Canada.
  3. Congrats Dan...
  4. Wow...congrats Dan....Its after a long seeing you....So no more waiting...:):)

    Enjoy life in NS ....:cool:

  5. Thank you, I do believe that all NS PNP 2015 nominees, who are still in game, will finally get their PPR!

    Nova Scotia is a little province and perhaps we`ll meet with somebody from this topic in person, it would be great.
  6. hi SDKD.....how r u???any updation in your application after medicals passed???we r also 6 may AOR n our BG is still showing NA....so plz let us know if any
  7. Hai Pranav,

    Nothing dear upto now....just showing:-
    Additional Doc - Dont need any adr document &
    BG : NA

    Hope they didnt start April applicant.:(:(
    Dont know how long we have to wait....:rolleyes:

  8. Hi harry592,
    Yes i just received my PR card this week. It took about 2.5 months to get it.

    You must provide an address where you must stay a minimum of 3 mths to ensure you get it. You can provide your new address by login to cic website.

  9. Hi SDKD

    Thanks for the response. I think they have almost sent PPR to March applicants. In the next week they will start will April. Hope for the best.

    Wish you best of luck.

  10. hi.sdkd...
    we also have d same status....additional docs....not required...n bg...na....dont know...whn they will take next step....wait wait only..wait left
  11. Gents, Have your files been moved to local visa office? Until after then that is when you will see movement.

  12. Thanks Kushal_75 for this important update. Please what about if you don't have a temporary address for the minimum period of 3 months, for example, staying in a hotel for 4 days before getting a permanent place. In this case what would someone do?
  13. Yes we can just wait.....and wait...:eek:

  14. Hi April PR applicants,

    Any news/updates ? :))


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